Maxx Crosby
(Jason O. Watson/Getty Images)

Maxx Crosby: Nelson Agholor “Was Definitely Calling Some People Out” On Raiders

There was a report that Nelson Agholor said the Raiders suck after a crucial loss to the Dolphins. This story is coming out weeks after the Raiders season is already finished. The Raiders experienced another season collapse after starting out the season 6-4. After Nelson Agholor’s first season with the Raiders, he called players out for their effort. Maxx Crosby confirms the story and the outburst actually happened. His quote via The Athletic:

“It was in the heat of the moment,” Crosby told The Athletic. “Nelly didn’t say ‘these guys suck,’ it was more of a ‘we’ thing and him being a leader and showing his passion for the game. He’s been on a Super Bowl team and he knows what it looks like to have a winning environment in a locker room, and guys that truly love the game. Guys that show up every day and practice that way.

“He was definitely calling some people out a little bit. I was happy he said something. Because that game, too, he had put his all on the line and put us in a position to win that game. I felt it. Football is such an emotional game and losing the way we did, every single person in Raider Nation was sick. It was a cool moment to see because Nelly doesn’t talk a ton, but when he does everybody listens.”

Some players tried to refute the report but I am sure this happened and the players that tried to refute this report are the ones he was calling out. It seems Nelson Agholor was well-respected in the locker room and his message was loud and clear to the other Raiders players. It shows that he was a leader for the Raiders. The Raiders organization and the fans alike both want him back on an extension. After a positive bounce-back season for Agholor, he will test the FA market. It seems Maxx Crosby at least wants Nelson Agholor back for moments like these.