Brian Cashman Gary Sanchez
Brian Cashman roasted Gary Sanchez! Everybody knew why Sanchez got benched expect for him. Cashman made sure he knew now. (Frank Franklin II / AP)

Brian Cashman Roasts Gary Sanchez

The entire world knew Gary Sanchez sucked in 2020… except for Gary Sanchez.

The Yankees catcher was benched a year ago after a piss poor season. Sanchez slashed a batting line of .147/.253/.365. That’s as bad as bad gets. Not to mention, Sanchez isn’t a defensive maven either.

Not too long ago, Sanchez did an interview with ESPN’s Marly Rivera. The Yankees backstop essentially said he didn’t know why he got benched. Brian Cashman made sure to let him know today via public bashing in the media. Ruthless!

“I think the whole world knows why he was benched. …it’s pretty much self-aware[ness] at that point,” said Cashman. “You had a horrible year on both sides of the ball, you lost your job in the most important time of the season, which is October baseball. I’m not sure if there is an explanation necessary. …Your play speaks for itself, and you either play well enough to keep playing or you don’t.”

There was some debate on whether or not the Yankees would tender Sanchez a contract. New York did decide to bring big Gary back for just over $6.5 million in his second to last year in Arbitration.

Despite the struggles of 2020, Brian Cashman later did give Gary Sanchez words of encouragement.

“I’ve had a lot of conversations with Gary. I know the talent level he possesses, I do know he cares, I do know he works, and I’m pretty certain you’ll see a different version… from his this year,” Cashman said.

Don’t expect Gary to be handed his job right away. Kyle Higashioka did a great job a year ago. He’s the much better defensive option and Gerrit Cole’s personal catcher. If Sanchez struggles again, expect to see more Higgy.