Max Kellerman
Max Kellerman is likely to be removed from ESPN’s First Take Show. Who will be the next co-host to debate the clown that is Stephen A Smith? (Araya Diaz/WireImage)

Max Kellerman Likely To Be Canned From ESPN’s First Take

Have we see the end of the Stephen A Smith vs. Max Kellerman debates? it appears that way. Max Kellerman is expected to be removed from ESPN’s First Take. Kellerman won’t leave ESPN entirely. Just First Take.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post had the following:

“Kellerman is expected to be removed off ESPN’s “First Take,” the show in which he and Stephen A. Smith verbally battle each day, going hot take for hot take, sources confirmed.

This is not the end of the Kellerman at ESPN, as he is likely to have an increased role on ESPN Radio and potentially his own TV show, according to sources. He already does a boxing-focused program.

Front Office Sports first reported the news. ESPN declined comment.

For now, ESPN does not plan on replacing Kellerman with anyone in particular. Instead, a rotation of verbal sparring partners will likely make the short walk over each morning from another ESPN show, “Get Up,” which is located in the same Seaport studios. Molly Qerim is expected to continue to host, but Smith is the undisputed star.”

It’s unclear who will replace Kellerman on the show. Marchand’s report doesn’t include that detail. Of course, ESPN tried to bring Skip Bayless back but that didn’t work out. I guess we should have known that maybe Kellerman wasn’t a long term option.

Kellerman obviously does the boxing stuff but apparently, he will become a more focal point of the ESPN radio coverage too. Not sure how much he will help considering the fact that ESPN is getting killed on ratings. WFAN is sweeping them up in the New York market.