Michael Kay and Co.are getting demolished by WFAN in the New York Radio Wars (via Jeff Skopin/ESPN)

ESPN Might Back out of New York Radio After WFAN Dominates

New York Sports radio has always been a two-horse race between WFAN and ESPN, but those days might soon come to an end. According to Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, ESPN is considering backing out of the market essentially and cutting their losses.

WFAN has always been my radio of choice during any drivetime slot. I grew up listening to and hearing stories about Mike Francesa and Chris Russo on Mike and The Mad Dog. Once I was able to drive my commute to school was filled with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton. I had never listened to ESPN radio, not once, so this news is far from surprising for any sports radio fan. WFAN has been winning the rating war for months already.

“WFAN owned the Nielsen Audio spring sports radio book, starting with “Boomer & Gio” in the morning and ending with “Carton & Roberts” in the afternoon. The indifference that ESPN has shown to New York’s schedule continues to be a factor, and soon, ESPN in Bristol may bow out of the business aspects of local radio.”

Andrew Marchand – New York Post

All this blame falls on ESPN in my mind. They had two prime opportunities to take control of the market in New York. First when Carton was arrested and went to jail, and second when Francesa retired. Instead, they decided to roll out the same boring ass show day after day with Michael Kay.

This is just more evidence of ESPN’s failures and their lack of brain cells for lack of better words. Stephen A Smith can’t get his foot out of his mouth, and the rest of the company seemingly hates one another.

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