I Have Returned
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I have returned. It’s been too long however, it’s time I reintroduce myself. My name is Anthony Fontanello, the New York kid, and former Rookie of The Year here at Vendetta. The crazy Giant fan with too high aspirations for the team. The die-hard Yankee fan that’s harder on the team than the manager. The Kobe Bryant and Laker super fan that gets into spirited debates about my team.

I Have Returned

Covid sure hit us hard, didn’t it? I for one went through so much in such a short amount of time. I graduated from college in January 2021, following that the job market was tough and a direct result was for me to work insane hours in a butcher shop, a physically and mentally demanding job. My life took me away from blogging for seven months, excuse me while I get back in the rhythm. All that, however, is in the past.

I would like to formally announce to the Vendetta community that I have secured a new job and start my career. This, in turn, has opened up the door for me to get back to a regular blogging schedule. Once I officially start and get my bearings you all will be reading my blogs more often. There has been a lot of changes as well since I’ve been gone.

No More Survivor For Me

For starters, I was on Survivor quite a bit. I’ll let everyone know right now that shit is done I’ll never be on another list again. There were people that had problems with my absence, however, we have made up and are friends now, except for you know who. Nevertheless, my new run is going to be about what I love and that’s being the King New York sports guy at Vendetta. I’m not getting into any more personal beef if I argue with anyone it will solely be about my teams and my favorite players.

We are only going up from here and I appreciate everyone that stuck by my side when times were tough. Now we are entering a new age, a better age. With my new lease on life and higher ambitions, the sky’s the limit. I hope to see you at the top.