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Madden 21 is Garbage and It’s Time to Boycott

Madden 21

Madden 21 is an absolute dumpster fire. As of writing this article, the reveal trailer has 16k likes and 46k dislikes. The community is absolutely not happy with what is being shown and it is only going to get worse from here. Vendetta’s own Scott Logush wrote a great piece about how awful Madden’s franchise mode looks this coming year. They made literally no improvements, just gave the equivalent of patch notes of gameplay improvements that should have been implemented in 2017.

Worse yet for EA, #FixMaddenFranchise reached no.1 trending on Twitter. With the amount of shit going on in the world, you know you have royally screwed up if a video game is the top trending topic.


An entire generation of consoles has gone by and little to nothing has been improved in Madden. More things have been taken away. I found a copy of NFL 2K5 at a flea market for $2 and it has so many more features to franchise and the game as a whole. It’s crazy that I can play a game, get to the half, and all of a sudden Chris Berman is showing me highlights from other games. Not just scores, actual highlights. Again, this was 2K5, as in 2005.

Speak With Your Wallet

It is time for sports gamers to take a stand for themselves. A hashtag is not enough to get real change. If we want our games to be better, we need to speak with our wallets and boycott Madden 21. Show EA that we are tired of their greedy asses putting out the same game every year for $60. MUT gets all the attention, but its just a cash grab that takes advantage YouTubers with cash to burn or people with addiction problems. It’s even worse in the NBA 2K games, which will most likely get a similar post in the coming weeks.

Change can happen if we decide not to buy this game. A real world example is another EA property, Star Wars Battlefront 2. The game had massive pay-to-win advantages in a full priced game. Players got pissed and either didn’t buy the game or stopped playing if they did. The fall hurt EA’s stock so bad that it infuriated investors and daddy Disney had to step in and straighten them out. The result of the initial boycott and backlash was fixing their broken game and pumping out a lot of free DLC that now makes the game 100x better that initially.

I will not be buying Madden 21 this year. I can’t speak for everyone at Vendetta, but so far most of us are on the same page. Everyone that loves football and loves Madden needs to take a stand and boycott this game until either EA fixes it or the NFL pulls out of their exclusivity agreement. Enough is enough.


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