Madden 21
EA has continued to fail to listen to the franchise community. This has to stop (EA)

Hey EA, I haven’t forgotten about what you said on Twitter and I’m making sure people won’t forget either. About a month ago the franchise community got #FixMaddenFranchise trending on twitter due to the lack of features for franchise mode in Madden 21. EA responded in a video.

I did a breakdown on this video on the day it came out and I was pleased with the video. I felt that we as a community really accomplished something and we did, but what I feared most happened. EA fed us some lies to keep us quiet while they did nothing about it. Seann Graddy said:

But we’re also committed to providing updates to you on our thoughts and plans around franchise moving forward before the game launches.

Well, Mr Graddy Madden 21 launches in less than a month and no one at EA has given us anything. We have received no word, no announcement and not even a damn tweet about any improvements to franchise mode. What’s the hold up? How hard is it to give us a list of features that will be implemented in Madden 21? Hell I’d take a list of franchise features for Madden 22 which is over a year down the road. Yet you’ve given us nothing, you are failing your core fan base and failing to make additions to the game mode that you have an exclusive license for.

I’m not surprised, just disappointed. This is a classic case of a company telling people what they want to hear for the sake of public relations. It’s simply telling us what we wanted to hear and hoping we’d just stop caring, well I haven’t stopped caring and the rest of the franchise community shouldn’t stop caring either. EA is simply making empty promises hoping that we take the bait and I’m not falling for it. I have no issue never buying Madden again, there are other options on the market and they’re only getting stronger.

EA, give up the damn license since you obviously don’t care. I can guarantee you that other companies will put the effort in and actually do simulation football games justice. EA has chosen to not #FixMaddenFranchise and it’s time to make them regret that decision.

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