Maximum Football
It looks like Max Football is going out of business and you hate to see that. Especially after they were so kind enough to ignore my emails after I threw them the ultimate life line. (Max Football Logo)

It Looks Like Max Football Is Going Out Of Business

Most people know how Trey operates at this point. I go above and beyond for the people that I like. You know, the one’s that really have Trey’s back. Then there’s the other group of people on the opposite side of the spectrum. I will be the most vindictive asshole for the people I feel crossed me in a certain way. Max Football chose that path.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, let me catch you up. The first video of Jackson’s VU series has more than 4,000 views. We have also done positive reviews, interviews, and gaming videos for the maximum football series. We loved the product at Vendetta so we wanted to do everything we could to help it grow.

I’ll link the old article here; but long story short, Max football and I exchanged a few emails back and forth. Mostly with us getting the short end of the stick but I didn’t care. I wanted to help them grow. I was willing to offer Max Football the full directory of any Vendetta personality to use for in-game broadcasting and presentation. Didn’t want a dime to do it. Was willing to rip through pronouncing all those names for hours upon hours for nothing.

I was throwing Max Football a lifeline (and they needed one after it was announced that EA Sports was bringing back the college football video game.) Max Football didn’t even have the wherewithal to respond back. Ignorant, stupid, and willing to die on a sword for no reason.

Well… well… well… as I predicted many months ago, it’s essentially been announced that Max Football is going out of business. Canuck Play is clearing out the office and the IP for Max Football is being sold. You absolutely hate to see that.

Whoever buys this game, I will be on the horn with them the next day. You guys want to partner with Vendetta or do you want to end up like the last losers? Out of business and dead. I’m not even asking for that much. I’d just like an email back instead of just failing to respond to an email after days of discussion. Maybe even a follow back on Twitter since the last bone heads couldn’t do that.

There’s only one way to compete with EA at this point. Better presentation. We can do that. Will the next group take the free life line I give them?

Better question… any chance we can get our own team together and buy this game? HMM.