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Liverpool Got Their Lead

Premier League team Liverpool was just announced the winners of the season on Thursday. Photo by Peter Powell/ via Shutterstock.

Liverpool Got Their Lead

Liverpool Got Their Lead
Premier League team Liverpool was just announced the winners of the season on Thursday. Photo by Peter Powell/ via Shutterstock.

People were excited about European soccer to return. Bundesliga led the stage, and then people got very happy when Premier League announced their return. Since then people have been watching games extremely close to root for their team. However, everyone is amazed by how Liverpool got their lead.

The most arguable point to their success is Jurgen Klopp. When he came to Liverpool the team was in a drought. They hit a high point by coming in second in Premier League in 2014 but declined the next season to sixth.

But after 30 years, the Reds have won their first Premier League title as of Thursday.

Klopp has been able to unify the team in the most successful way. He focused on three key points to transform the team. Klopp made smart transfer decisions to fulfill his vision. Then he focused on the formation and technique of the team.


When Klopp came to the team, he got rid of players that did not fit his vision. Although some were questionable like Philippe Coutinho, it seemed to have worked out.

He then was able to catch great players to transform the team. Klopp got players like Sadio Mane, Mohammed Salah, Joel Matip, Virgil Van Dijk and Alisson Becker.

By obtaining these players he was able to create strength from the keeper to the forwards. Liverpool’s defense was arguable poor for a while. However, when Van Dijk and Alisson came to the team it created a strong unit in the back. Then Klopp had Matip that could help connect the defense to the forwards. Mane and Salah were able to then create a strong front that was able to score.

Klopp’s smart transfer decisions helped create the great team that they are right now.


When Brendan Rodgers managed before Klopp, he had a loose formation. He allowed the forwards to transform positions based on the plays at hand. For a while, this worked, but it seemed to create friction within the team.

When Klopp arrived, he decided to stick with a strict 4-3-3 formation. This led to the team recognizing their exact role within the formation. The team was also playing with a high press. With the role recognition and high press, this created a strict structure for the team that helped with possession.

Klopp also changed Salah from a wing to a central forward that could anchor the front. This has allowed the forwards to play with great strength of three. With Mane, Firminho and Salah, they are a strong scoring unit. They have trust within each other and know how to develop plays.

After the team established their strict formation, they were allowed to break it. At that point, Firmino started to drop to create more of a 4-4-2 formation. This has aided in their tactic of being able to change their formation based on the play that needs to occur. Liverpool has established how to change from a high press to a dropped formation without a problem.

Due to this established formation, the team is confident in their ability to maintain possession and create plays.


With a strict formation for the team to follow, this has allowed strength for the whole unit. Klopp’s vision was to create one systematic unit instead of individual players. This has shown to pay off since the team is so strong.

What this has done in return, is created more goals for and less against. By having the complete unit, the team can confidently change depending on the play. The players’ ability to work as a team sets them apart from other clubs.

One major technique that Klopp focused on was having the midfield press high. He wants his players to crash the box so there is more pressure on the opponent’s defense. This also aids in the team’s ability to have high possession in every game.

Klopp has created a system that allows for the players to adapt comfortably to every situation. He has also created a great forward line that can confidently work together to score many goals.

Klopp has also put a focus on the emotional side of the team. He points to the importance of providing the team with the right mentality to succeed.

“Tactical things are so important, you cannot win without tactical things, but the emotion makes the difference,” Klopp said.


Currently, Liverpool is 23 points ahead of Manchester City in Premier League. They have created such a large gap that they have been announced league champions.

They have been able to get 28 wins, two draws and one loss. It is crazy to think that they have only lost one game this season.

They have also been able to get 70 goals for and only 21 goals against. Man City has been able to get 77 goals, but they have 33 goals against.

Man City was hoping to gain more points this week but lost to Chelsea on Thursday 2-1. This helped create a large gap for Liverpool to win and helped Chelsea stay in the top four.

With Klopp’s leadership, the team’s strength and positivity, this has helped with how Liverpool got their lead this season. If you want to continue watching their success, Liverpool’s next Premier League game is against Man City on July 2.

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