Setien Talked Bad About VAR
Barcelona club manager Quique Setien talked bad about La Liga’s VAR. Photo by AFP Photo/Filippo MONTEFORTE.

Recently Gerard Pique got in trouble for what he said about VAR. But he is not the only Barcelona Club member that talked bad about it. New manager Quique Setien talked bad about VAR as well.

He was referring to the Real Madrid game against Real Sociedad. Pique also talked about how VAR seems to favor Real Madrid.

In the game against Real Sociedad, there were three close calls. The first one was about Sergio Ramos’ goal.

Ramos’ goal came from a free-kick. The foul was controversial and had to go to VAR. The call was in favor of Real Madrid.

The next was an offside call on Real Sociedad. It was hard to catch the offside and Setien suggested that it was a cheated call.

The last one was Karim Benzema’s goal. He used his shoulder to get the ball in. Real Sociedad asked for a review because it should be called a handball.

Real Madrid was able to win that game 2-1 because of the VAR calls.

Setien called out La Liga for their use of VAR. He said that it isn’t being used correctly.

“There are things that we cannot control and that do not depend on us. Everybody saw what happened in Anoeta and everyone will draw their own conclusions,” Setien said.

“It’s understandable that we think why there are some actions that are reviewed, the referee himself reviews them and they don’t do the same in other plays.

“They do it on some matches and in some others (they don’t). So you could really think that (VAR) is not being used correctly.

“We’ve been here for many years and this doesn’t change. It’s always the same, the controversy will always be there.

“VAR is a tool that can make us better, but we have to use it to have a clearer view of reality.”

It is still up in the air if Pique will get punished for that he said. There is a possibility that if more people start calling the leagues out on their improper use of VAR they will work harder to fix it.