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Transfer News June 25

Current Barcelona player Arthur Melo will probably transfer to Juventus. Photo by Getty Images.

Transfer News June 25

Transfer News June 25
Current Barcelona player Arthur Melo will probably transfer to Juventus. Photo by Getty Images.

There have been several transfer talks going about because of the June 30 deadline. Many players will leave their teams at the end of the month instead of signing contract extensions. Here is the transfer news for June 25.


The biggest news this week has been the conversations about Arthur Melo going to Juventus. The Brazilian is 23 years old and would fit into the team that Maurizio Sarri has been building. He would play well with Paulo Dybala.

According to Sky Sports, Arthur is worth $63 million. Juventus has agreed to pay the $72.5 million fee to get Arthur. However, there are reports that Arthur wants more money. There is a chance he could get this, but with all teams being hit with an economic impact it’s in the air.

While Barca is selling Arthur, they may be getting someone else. Tottenham’s French midfielder Ndombele is up for grabs. It was reported that he has fallen out with coach Jose Mourinho.

There are talks that Barca is looking to trade Philippe Coutinho or Nelson Semedo for Ndombele. The most likely trade would be with Philippe Coutinho, which whom they have tried to sell for a while now.

Tottenham will have to be cautious as they are still recuperating from the $55 million, they paid Olympique Lyon last year. There have also been reports that Borussia Dortmund and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) have also been interested in Ndombele.


There have been reports that Arsenal is looking for a permanent move of Cedric Soares. Cedric is currently on loan to Arsenal from Southampton.

Although Cedric has had an injury that has prevented him from playing often, Arsenal still wants him. The team has said that he has brought professionalism and a positive impact on Arsenal.

It would be ideal for Arsenal to sign Cedric during the summer when he is a free agent. However, with registration regulations, Cedric’s ties to Southampton may not end. Southampton would have to extend the contract then loan him to Arsenal again.

West Ham

There will be three players that are leaving West Ham by June 30. Pablo Zabaleta, Jeremy Ngakia and Carlos Sanchez will leave.

Zabaleta has had 80 appearances with the team. However, with his current injury, he wouldn’t sign a contract extension.

Ngakia was a promising prospect for West Ham to keep. However, Ngakia was hoping to raise his salary to $20,000 a week. Therefore, the player could not sign with West Ham again. He also did not sign a contract extension.

Sanchez moved to West Ham in 2018. He has had a hard time trying to make an impact with the team. Sanchez has also suffered from a severe knee injury that has restricted him to only 18 appearances at the club. He will move on from West Ham.

Sergio Ramos

Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid is set to expire at the end of the 2020-21 season, at which point he will be 35. Current manager Zinedine Zidane wants Ramos to retire with the club.

Ramos doesn’t look like he wants to leave any time soon, so there could be a contract extension by next year. Zidane argues that Ramos has made a huge impact on the team and should be able to comfortably retire at Real Madrid.

This idea was reinforced in Real Madrid’s recent game against Real Sociedad. Ramos was able to score off a free kick and helped the team with their 2-1 win.

Although a defender, Ramos has nine goals. He is the first defender in La Liga to get more than eight goals in a single campaign since Ezequiel Garay in the 2006-07 season.

Ramos has played with the club since 2005.

Maurizio Sarri

There have been countless rumors spilling about in Italy about Sarri. Although he has shown his worth at Juventus by helping the team do well in Serie A, fans are still unsatisfied.

Sarri moved happily to Juve from Chelsea. Even though he did well with Chelsea, the club and fans wanted him out. People seemed to be happy with Sarri’s move to Juve, but recently people have been unsettled.

Many Italian media outlets have reported that Sarri could be on his way out. This has prompted Fiorentina President Rocco Commisso to reach out to Sarri. It is reported that Commisso is ready to offer Sarri a position at Fiorentina if the rumors are true. Commisso has a bright vision for his club and thinks that Sarri could help with that.

Sarri has been building a good team at Juve, and his mission could be stopped if he gets pushed out.

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