Leonard Fournette didn't know who Mitch Trubisky was
(Matt Rourke / AP)

Leonard Fournette Didn’t Know Who Mitch Trubisky Was

Leonard Fournette did not know who Mitch Trubisky was prior to the NFL Draft in 2017 when the quarterback was drafted ahead of him by the Bears.

This is just a laugh out loud funny headline to come across on a Monday. Fournette is getting ready to play in the Super Bowl as a member of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers while the Bears are searching for a new offensive leader.

On an episode of Pardon My Take host Dan Katz, aka Big Cat was coming clean to the running back about a claim he made earlier in the season. Katz mentioned a few weeks earlier that Fournette should be considered the biggest bust of that draft class in an attempt to help the Chicago Bear quarterback, who is also a friend of his. Upon hearing this claim Fournette told a draft day story.

I could tell you about that draft, it was crazy. I didn’t know who Trubisky was. I’m like “He skipped all of us” I’m looking at my agent…

I’m like, damn. They said he only played one year. He played one year I guess he’s just nice

Fournette on Pardon My Take 2/1/21

I know this won’t be a shock to most of the readers of this site. Trey made it very clear when he wrote his article after the draft that Trubisky was destined to fail in the NFL.

Trubisky was taken 2nd overall by the Chicago Bears over some pretty big names. He was drafted ahead of Jamal Adams, Christian McCaffery, Patrick Mahomes, and Deshaun Watson. That combined with being drafted by a team that has never had a great quarterback was a recipe for disaster for Trubisky.

“Playoff Lenny” as Joe Buck referred to him during a broadcast has not by any means had a spectacular NFL career. After being drafted by Jacksonville he moved within the state to the Bucs and was mostly a backup before getting the majority of the playoff carries.

To me picking a running back that high in the draft is always a mistake, the position has a high turnover rate due to the amount of hits they take running the ball causing injuries.

TL//DR: Leonard Fournette did not know who Mitch Trubisky was prior to the draft, and probably for a good reason after the last few years.