Mitch Trubisky
Mitch Trubisky wants the Bears to turn off all the TVs in the building because he sucks. I just don’t understand how no one else was smart enough to see this coming? (Will Newton/Getty Images)

Mitch Trubisky sucks. We know this. You would have known sooner if you just listened to me. That guy never had a prayer at being good. After the Bears lost to Philadelphia and Trubisky had just one passing yard at half time, things are getting ugly. It’s only a matter of time before the Bears go in another direction. For the time being, Mitch is doing everything he can to block out the noise.

Trubisky wants the Bears to turn off all the TVs in the Halas Hall because he keeps getting blasted:

“Trying to get some of these TVs in the building turned off because you’ve got too many people talking on TV about us and what they think about us — what we should do, what we are and what we’re not,” Trubisky said before Wednesday’s practice. “But they don’t really know who we are, or what we’re capable of as people, or what we’re going through, or what we’re thinking. It’s just the outside viewers looking in.”

“So tunnel vision, ear muffs and just come to work every day and try to get better and get back to what we know we’re capable of doing.”

According to PFF, Trubisky is the 51st ranked quarterback in football over the last two years. Trubisky isn’t just awful. He’s the worst quarterback in football. I just don’t understand how nobody saw this coming. The guy couldn’t beat out Marquise Williams in college. What the hell did you think was going to happen? This was a 6th round flier prospect at best who could run a little bit but couldn’t do much else. One of these days a smart team will hire me.

Mitch Trubisky currently has the 31st QBR in football. I don’t care how great the defense is. You’re not winning football games like that.