Patrick Mahomes
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Patrick Mahomes Has Actually Learned How To Read Defenses.

Patrick Mahomes took a lot of people by surprise in early 2020 when he appeared on an episode of HBO’s The Shop. Mahomes said that he could barely even read defenses. So basically Mahomes won an MVP and won the Super Bowl and could barely read defenses. I mean that’s just bonkers. How good is this guy?

It’s Just Not Fair Anymore

However, with another year in the books and another trip to the Super Bowl, Mahomes has become better equipped in this area of the game. Mahomes talked to reporters on Monday and let everyone know just how much trouble the league is in.

I think every single year you’re in the NFL, you learn more and more,” You get different looks. Especially with our offense, we get a lot of crazy looks and crazy blitzes and stuff like that. You have to learn how to adjust and learn how to go out there and have successful plays. This year, I felt super comfortable recognizing defenses, recognizing blitzes, recognizing coverages, and being able to get us into the right play and get a successful play going and a completion. It’s definitely something that I’ll continue to grow and continue to learn, but I feel like I’m at a way different level than I even was last year.

Patrick Mahomes

I Feel Bad For The AFC

No wonder why Mahomes was able to just turn on the kill switch whenever he damn well felt like it. He clearly didn’t give a damn that his team hadn’t covered a spread until the AFC Championship.

However, If I were a fan of a team in the AFC I’d be petrified of the one part he said, ‘I’m at a way different level than I even was last year.’ Excuse me sir that’s not fair! So, Mahomes can win a Super Bowl MVP and still get leaps and bounds better than the previous year.

All I know is that it’s a good thing the Giants don’t have to play this monster twice a year. That is just scary to think. However, this is the reality of the NFL. It’s Mahomes’ world and he’s just letting us live in it.