Kurt Warner
Kurt Warner had the softest take of all time. He thinks all playoff games should be played indoors. Yes, you heard that right. (Ross D. Franklin/Associated Press)

We know which type of toilet paper Kurt Warner uses. If it’s not Charmin Ultra soft, it’s not good enough for the former Rams, Cardinals, and Giants quarterback. While on the NFL Network coverage for the playoffs, Warner came from the clouds with the softest take in NFL history.

Warner thinks ALL playoff games should be played in domes. Warner made the statement after the Bills 17-3 win over the Ravens in the divisional round of the playoffs.

“Can we just play every playoff game inside?” Warner said as everyone else on the panel groaned. “Here’s what I don’t like. I don’t like it when we come to the biggest moments of the season, the biggest moments of our career, and now the elements become a part of the mix. I want the best team to be able to advance and all the elements to be the exact same for every team.”

This is as bad as bad gets. Kurt Warner should be ashamed to look himself in the mirror with this take.

A: The better team did advance. Buffalo was better than Baltimore all year.

B: What’s the point of the regular season then? Your reward for having a high seed in the playoffs is getting to play home games. There needs to be an incentive for winning more games than the other team you’re playing against in the postseason.

C: Warner’s take wasn’t just soft. Whatever the next level version of soft is, that’s Warner’s take. Think about this. It did not rain, hail, sleet, or snow in Buffalo. IT was just a little windy. Warner is up in arms over some wind. I can only imagine what happens if the guy doesn’t win in Bingo.

D: Where does it end. We take all the games inside? Then what? The world already got rid of fans so players don’t have to deal with crowd noise. Should that be permanent now too because players shouldn’t have to handle that either? Sad… just sad.

E: For the record, Warner played in a Dome with the Rams and a Dome with the Cardinals. *Checks stats during his time with the New York Giants (Six touchdowns, four interceptions, 86.5 rating). Now I get it… Guy can’t play in cold weather.