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Off The Ice

Off The Ice- Fake fans, & weasel reporters?

January 11-18

From Evander Kane filing for bankruptcy to Jake Voracek calling a reporter a ‘weasel’ in the post-game press, to Trey calling me a fake Avs fan, we have even more to cover this week than last. 

“Emma isn’t even a real Avalanche fan. She’s full-blown Islanders now” 

First of all, Trey, at least I’m not a Bruins fan. Second of all…Dad, it’s not true. I’m Avs faithful for 19 years and counting, please don’t take away my college fund. 

Kane bet on AZ win 

Too soon? Gavin made that joke first, I won’t take the heat for it. 

Evander Kane from the San Jose Sharks filed for chapter 7 bankruptcy earlier this week. He’s over $25 million in debt despite having made $53 million over his NHL career. There were some scares that he might sit out the duration of this season but as of now, it’s looking like he’ll be on the active roster. 

Avalanche angry mob 

I’m not one to threaten to beat someone up (that’s funny because I actually threaten to do that a lot despite being a whopping 5’5) but I would in fact beat up Stan Kroenke. I don’t understand why blacking out Avalanche games is going to solve any problems. Gary Bettman has said that the league is losing billions of dollars in ticket sales. I can’t imagine teams are necessarily in the green right now. Altitude Sports claims the deal with NBCSN would put them out of business. Stan has a net worth of over $10 billion. He owns the Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Crush, Rapids, and Mamouth as well as Altitude Sports. But yeah, NBC would put him out of business. 

St. Louis? I’ve never heard of them. 

After a less than stellar start to the season, Colorado flipped things around Friday night with an 8-0 win over the…*checks notes*… St? Louis? Blues? Hm. I don’t think I know them. 

Long-time captain Gabe Landeskog scored his 200th career goal while Mikko Rantanen scored his 100th career goal. Goalie Philipp Grubauer recorded his second career assist. 

Fly or Die 

On Friday, Travis Konecny scored his first hat trick in the NHL, in a 5-2 win over the Penguins. And Oskar Lindblom also scored his first goal since returning to the league after battling bone cancer last season.

Konecny and Jake Voracek did a post-game presser. Voracek called Mike Sielski of the Philadelphia Inquirer a “weasel” who writes “fucking shit” about him. I looked into some of the things Mike writes about Voracek and though the question seemed harmless…well…he’s a reporter and he has opinions and he publishes them on the internet for the world to see. I don’t blame Voracek for reacting the way he did. 

It’s my brand to talk about the Islanders  

Saturday’s game against the Rangers was very disappointing for Islanders fans. In pre-game warmups, Cal Clutterbuck hit a puck with a bad bounce that nailed Varlamov right in the face. He was very dazed and ended up being taken off the ice and sitting the game out. Ilya Sorokin took the net for the first time for his NHL debut. They lost 0-5 and Sorokin did all he could. They looked sloppy for the whole game and they couldn’t manage to keep the puck long enough to do anything with it. Head coach Barry Trotz spoke with the media after the game. 

“It started in the warmup and just progressed through the whole game” 

Players with high impact reputations like Barzal and Johnston had the majority of the Isles eight penalties. A game like this is very out of character for this team of Islanders and shouldn’t be too big to shake off before puck drop on Monday night against Boston. Trotz made a statement this morning that both Sorokin and Varlamov are available for tonight’s home opener.

This week, the Stars will play their first game against Nashville on Friday. The team delayed the start even further due to a COVID-19 outbreak in their practice facility.

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