Kevin Durant OKC
Kevin Durant said he left OKC because he was tired of playing with athletes and guys that couldn’t shoot. I wonder who he could possibly be talking about. (Benny Sieu/USA TODAY Sports)

There were a lot of reasons why Kevin Durant left the Thunder. Better location, nicer weather, Steph Curry, etc. In reality, Kevin Durant left Oklahoma City for one reason and one reason only, Russell Westbrook. If you believe otherwise, go seek help. You can’t be helped. You live in Looney Tunes.

Durant is a guy that likes to say things. If I wanted to I could pretty much write an article about him every day because he’s always up to something. Recently Durant was on the ‘All The Smoke’ podcast with Stephen Jackson and Matt Barnes. This quote says it all.

“In OKC I played with a lot of athletes, I didn’t play with a lot of skilled guys, shooters/ball handlers. I was like I need a change — before the season even started. I was tired of having to be the only guy that can make 3s, make jump shots consistently.”

Played with athletes that can’t shoot. He’s talking about one guy. Not Steven Adams. Not Andre Roberson. Not Serge Ibaka. Russell Westbrook. There’s nothing to argue about. Durant didn’t want to play with him. How could you blame him? Get over it.

You can like Russell Westbrook as long as you acknowledge that you can’t win with the guy. It’s not the fact that he can’t shoot. It’s in addition to the fact that he keeps shooting and bricks all of them.

Kevin Durant OKC
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Turns out that shooting thing is important. Durant left OKC because they lacked shooting. Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson are among the most lethal shooters in the league. If you stink at shooting, you can’t win. Stop blaming Kevin Durant for leaving OKC. What Durant did was smart. You’re just mad because he’s good at basketball.