Russell Westbrook
Kevin Durant’s brand ambassador, Randy Williams says that no one wants to play with Russell Westbrook. Something that has been painfully obvious for a long time (Alonzo Adams/USA TODAY Sports)

If you haven’t figured out that Russell Westbrook is anything other than a cancer, please seek help. The list of examples continues to grow. The latest is Paul George wanting out after just 2 years. After two straight first round exits, George had enough playing with Westbrick. This isn’t the first time a superstar wanted out either. Kevin Durant is the most notable example.

Is anyone shocked that George wanted out? NOPE. More shots are being fired at Westbrook for having a delusional playing style. Kevin Durant’s brand ambassador, Randy Williams said that ‘no one wants to play with Russell Westbrook’.

AMEN! Williams is on point here. The guy cares about Triple Doubles. He doesn’t care about winning. Never has. The problem with Westbrook isn’t his intensity. It’s his playing style. Shoot, miss, keep shooting, and miss again. That’s the formula. Any person that says Westbrook is a productive player doesn’t understand basic math. In three straight years, Westbrook shot under 40 percent in the postseason and people wonder why they got bounced in the first round.

The only thing I can’t understand is why any team would actually trade for Westbrook? It makes zero sense. The only thing Westbrook excels at is shooting a lot and that’s not a good thing. That’s not even mentioning the egregious contract that he’s under with that Super Max deal he signed 2 years ago. Zach Lowe even came out and said the Thunder point guard has NEGATIVE TRADE VALUE. I’ll translate that for you. That means the Thunder would or should have to attach draft picks just to get rid of him. Westbrook is somehow worse than worthless. I’ll keep my bag of chips. I wouldn’t even trade them for him. Oh, he’s also good at running superstar teammates out of town. I figured I should mention that too.