Marvin Williams
Hey, Marvin Williams. WTF dude? What’s your problem? How did Kemba Walker not successfully recruit Williams to the Celtics? (Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Kemba Walker played in Charlotte for 8 years. Marvin Williams was his teammate for 5 of them. After Williams got bought out by the Hornets, I thought Williams was all but a sure thing to come to Boston. I was genuinely disappointed that he went to Milwaukee. They sure as hell don’t need any more help.

Shams Charania was the first to report the news:

I would have bet that Kemba would have landed him. I figured Walker and Williams were decent friends in Charlotte. Turns out they were probably more than just cool with each other. This is Kemba’s reaction when he found out Marvin was going to the Bucks.

Hey, Marvin. WTF Dude? What’s your deal? Why not come to Boston and win a title with your old teammate? What’s better than that? A guy that poured his heart out for Charlotte. Boston would have been a great spot for you. He could have taken a bunch of minutes at the 5 with Daniel Theis and Enes Kanter in that big man rotation. They had a spot on the roster if they cut Vincent Poirier.

All eyes are now on Tristan Thompson. He’s perfect for the Celtics. The Cavs better buy him out. There’s no reason to keep him after they traded for Andre Drummond. Push the envelope, Tristan. Get out of there. Come to Boston. Brad Stevens will make sure to up your free agency stock for the summer.

On a serious note, this is a great pickup for Milwaukee. God, are they tough. Marvin Williams plays real defense at 6-foot-8 and can knock down the 3 at a 37.6 percent rate. Hard to find bigs that can make it splash like that. Either at the 4 or 5, Williams is a great veteran pick up at this time of the year.