Fantasy Football
How do you know if you’re competing in a candyass fantasy football league? Well, here are the official signs that tell you if you’re a loser.

Signs That You Play In A Candyass Fantasy Football League

Alex recently published an article about official fantasy suggestions. I couldn’t help but shake my head at the absurdity of it. It’s not just Alex. All over the world, people engage in candyass fantasy leagues. Some of them realize they’re doing it and most of them don’t. We’re going to write the official signs that your playing in a candyass fantasy league.

Snake Drafts: Foul

If you’re above the age of 12 or have been playing for a few years, you should be ashamed of yourself if you do strictly snake drafts. Snake drafts are for young kids or amateurs trying to learn about fantasy. If you consider yourself a knowledgeable fantasy player, grow a pair and do auction drafts. You’re not good at fantasy unless you win an auction style draft. A robot could win a snake draft by just going on auto draft. It’s time to play chess instead of checkers.

Dynasty Drafts: Fair

Listen, snake drafts are pathetic but dynasty drafts are at least a step up and are more than a fair format. They actually require you to think long term. Now, I don’t love pure dynasty drafts. They’re too long. I don’t think a player should be kept for that long. It’s better when each player hits the open market in a shorter time period. I think those leagues are better with keeper formats instead where you can hand out a certain length on a contract. Snake drafts are definitely foul. Dynasty snake drafts are acceptable but barely. There’s at least some thought that has to go into this league which is what you should be looking for.

Rookie Drafts: Fair

My fantasy league has a rookie draft. I think they’re more than fair. It gives an advantage for the teams that didn’t do well the previous year and keeps them incentivized to win the toilet bowl to get a high rookie pick. Without it, those losing teams have nothing to play for at the end of the year. It’s also a great way to rebuild or sell in win now mode. Unlike snake drafts, rookie drafts are actually realistic. Julio Jones doesn’t just go in a snake draft format for the Bengals to pick the next year. College players go in the draft which is the way it should be.

Auction Drafts: Fair

It’s the only way to do a draft. You should never walk into a draft with the inability to take someone that you want. Control your own destiny. Manage your cap and control the way you want to build your roster. This format also eliminates unfair trades because the money has to match up under the cap.

1 QB Leagues: Foul

There should never be a time where 12 starting quarterbacks are available on the free agent market. If that’s your fantasy league, you’re in a candyass league. Having the ability to start 2 quarterbacks makes them more valuable in drafts and people start to panic if they don’t have one. That’s what you want in fantasy. It throws a wrinkle in the mix and makes things fun. That’s what you want.

PPR: Foul

Go exile yourself if this gets you going.

Defense and individual defensive players: Fair

I’m not one that uses defense or defensive players but anytime you can throw a player into the mix, you can’t say it’s foul.

Kickers: Fair

There are a lot of kickers that are the leading scorers for their teams all time. It’s part of the game.

Position Maxes: Foul

Don’t tell me how to construct my roster. If I want 20 kickers then so be it.