Justin Fields
(Joseph Maiorana/USA TODAY Sports)

In the news recently it was reported that Justin Fields, the star QB from Ohio State University was taking online classes instead of classes in person. This news came with a lot of backlash from people via twitter and other media outlets. To kill that first, a 40-year-old man’s negative opinion on a future first-round picks decision to take online classes does not matter in the slightest. The majority of them are just seeking a reaction, while some of them truly mean to knock the kid’s decision as they sit at their cubicle living paycheck to paycheck.

Justin Fields since arriving on campus as yet to falter. On the football field, he has accounted for 19 of the Buckeyes touchdowns. He is completing 69.5% of his passes with a 13/0 TD/INT ratio while carrying the ball 34 times for 150 yards and 6 TD’s. The choice of taking these classes online has allowed him to spend more time at the team’s facilities to watch film, workout, rest and be closer to the team.

For years the rule of thumb has been people should spend 2-3 hours studying and working on homework for a class they spend at least an hour in. The benefit of taking a class online is you can work at your own rate. All while working towards the degree that a student’s peers are trying to obtain.

In the wake of this news regarding Justin Fields, I would not be surprised to see other students opting to take this route. The reality is, most of these students are there to get to the next level. While a degree is always great, that is not their priority. Because of this it can lead to another debate of “How long should student-athletes have to attend College?” but for now, student-athletes should do what is easiest for them. It’s evident his on-field play has yet to be poor.