Jamie Newman Jake Fromm
Jamie Newman is better than Jake Fromm. Georgia absolutely upgraded when Fromm declared for the NFL Draft. (Grant Halverson/Getty Images)

I couldn’t believe that Jake Fromm declared for the 2020 NFL Draft. After having a subpar year at Georgia, Fromm decided he was ready for the NFL Draft anyway. In a draft with Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa, Justin Herbert, Justin Love, and Jacob Eason, who the hell knows where Fromm will get picked. We do, however, know one thing. Georgia’s new replacement Jamie Newman is better than Jake Fromm.

Georgia didn’t trust Jake Fromm. Not a single bit. Without a dominant Sugar Bowl over an undermanned Baylor team, Fromm completes less than 60 percent of his throws on the year. Fromm is a game manager in college. 24 touchdowns, 6 picks, and 7.4 yards per pass. Georgia relies on the run game and Fromm makes just enough throws to win.

From a skillset standpoint, Jamie Newman represents a lot of upgrades. Newman has a cannon. Fromm has a really weak arm. Newman is a true dual threat quarterback who rushed for 574 yards at Wake Forest this year. Fromm doesn’t provide that athleticism. Georgia has the ability to get more creative in the run game. Both of their accuracy is shaky, but Newman has a much better arm.

Jake Fromm: 60.8%, 24 TD, 6 INT’s, 7.4 YPA, 141.2 Rating

Jamie Newman: 60.9%, 26 TD, 11 INT’s, 7.9 YPA, 145.3 Rating

Newman was either better or pretty on par with Fromm. The difference is, Jame Fromm had significantly better talent around him. Fromm had 11 NFL guys around him. Newman had 11 future doctors around him. No disrespect to Wake Forest, but I can’t wait to see what Newman can do with a real team.

Newman has a real NFL future. If he can continue to polish up his passing and become more than a rocket launcher, Newman can make an impact. There’s no questioning his mobility either. If nothing else, Newman gives Georgia close to what they could have had with Justin Fields. A scary thought for any Georgia fan where they know lack of talent is never the issue. Jamie Newman is better than Jake Fromm and gives the Bulldogs a real shot to win a National Championship.