SimBull Red Sox
Are the Red Sox a smart investment on SimBull? If you’re going to invest in a team, trusting in Chaim Bloom doesn’t feel like a bad bet. (Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images)

Are The Red Sox A Smart Investment On SimBull?

I made my first purchase on SimBull the other day and thought starting with my favorite team was the way to go. If the Red Sox win, I win. Sounds like the entire point to being a fan, right? Except now I get to profit when they do.

However, are the Red Sox actually a smart investment on SimBull? Are they a better buy than other MLB teams? That remains to be seen. Then again, maybe the Sox are a smart buy.

Adam Krieger in his post the other day pointed to the Red Sox as one of the best buys in SimBull. If there was ever a time to buy stock in the Sox, wouldn’t it be right now? Boston is a team that in recent memory has had some major peaks and valleys. Buy low, sell high, right? NOW is the time to buy.

As I mentioned in my interview with SimBull CEO Kenneth Giles, you’re not really investing in teams. You’re really investing in team builders you believe in. Boston’s President of Baseball Operations Chaim Bloom has done things that I haven’t quite understood. We’re still talking about a guy that played a major part in the Rays making the World Series this year.

Bloom will wind up one way or another building a good farm system. That’s what Andrew Friedman did and is now doing with the Dodgers. It’s hard to imagine Bloom straying too far away from that path. It’s too early to provide proof but the early signs on Nick Yorke and Blaze Jordan and both very positive.

Boston might be a bit down in the dumps but realistically, they shouldn’t be too far away from contention. The offense is more than fine as it is right now. Alex Verdugo, Xander Bogaerts, and Rafael Devers is a hell of a start. Bobby Dalbec showed major power flashes a year ago. Tristan Casas and Jeter Downs are on the way.

Building a pitching staff will time some time. If the staff the Rays put together is any indication of what Bloom plans to do in Boston, the future is bright. Isn’t there a chance Boston actually wins more games than the experts project in 2021? Just having Alex Cora back is an immense boost just on its own.

Forget about everything else for a second. This is THE Boston Red Sox. This is the same organization that has won four titles since 2004. Half the battle with SimBull will be finding a big market that can afford to build that championship team. There’s no reason a city like Boston (when it comes to baseball markets) should be cheaper than Cleveland or even the same price as Cincinnati.

The best investors on SimBull are going to be the ones that buy a team low and watch them turn into a serious contender collecting future win pay outs. Those are Mr. Giles’ words, not mine. Could the Red Sox be that team? They certainly fit the criteria.

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