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Julian Edelman

(Matt Stone/Boston Herald)

Julian Edelman Is Not A Hall Of Famer: Stop This Madness

Julian Edelman
(Matt Stone/Boston Herald)

Julian Edelman is not a Hall of Famer, stop this madness PLEASE! He does not belong anywhere near the Hall of Fame. Sure, he has a damn good story but almost nothing backs it up. His argument to be in the Hall of Fame is the most selective and cherry picked argument that exists.

Lackluster Regular Seasons

Let’s talk about the bulk of literally every professional athlete’s career, the regular season. Julian Edelman is 156th on the career receiving yardage list. He’s right behind Charley Hennigan. Don’t worry though, Edelman has 25 more career receiving yards than fullback Larry Centers. A fullback has comparable career receiving yardage to Julian Edelman, A FULLBACK. That position has become extinct. You can never point to a season in Julian Edelman’s career and say “He was the best wide receiver in the league.” I can’t even find one where he was top ten. Edelman also never made a Pro Bowl or received an All-Pro vote. Cole Beasley received an All-Pro vote, and you’re telling me Edelman is a Hall of Famer? That’s madness.

Postseason Scoring

Sure, Julian Edelman is second in career post season receiving yards. He has five career post season receiving touchdowns, that’s less than Danny Amendola. Amendola to the Hall? No. Damien Williams has more career post season receiving than Edelman. Let’s pump the breaks on Edelman to Canton based off of one statistic, that’s ridiculous.

Better People Aren’t In

Hines Ward had a better career than Julian Edelman and Ward isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Should Ward be in the Hall of Fame? Sterling Sharpe’s career dwarfs Edelman’s in all major categories that are not based on team success. Let’s face it until those guys sniff a final ballot for the Hall of Fame, Edelman doesn’t even deserve to be mentioned in that discussion.

Julian Edelman had a damn good career, and an even better story. He deserves to be in a Patriots Hall of Fame/Ring of Honor, and that’s it. He’d make the Hall of Very Good, not the Hall of Fame.

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