Hines Ward
Does Hines Ward belong in the Hall of Fame? Hines Ward has somehow been completely forgotten about when it comes to discussing the all-time greats. (Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Does Hines Ward Belong In The Hall Of Fame?

Julian Edelman retired yesterday and it immediately sparked an interesting debate. Does Edelman have a legitimate case to be enshrined into the Hall of Fame? Nick Aprea thinks so. Regardless of what you think about Edelman, there are a lot of prolific wide receivers better than Edelman that will never sniff the Hall. Case in point, Hines Ward.

Does Hines Ward belong in the Hall of Fame? Just saying the name Hines Ward probably triggers a lot of thoughts.

“Hey, I haven’t heard that name in awhile”

“Damn, I almost forgot. Hines Ward was a damn good player”

“He even has two Super Bowl rings as a prominent part of the Steelers run”

“How did we forget about him again?”

The truth of the matter is, Hines Ward isn’t even discussed as a Hall of Famer. Hines has the team success and personal accolades on his side. Better yet, he blows Edelman out of the water in basically every statistical category.


Hines 1,000

Julian 620


Hines 12,083

Julian 6,822


Hines 85

Julian 36

Super Bowl MVPs

Hines 1

Julian 1

Pro Bowls

Hines 4

Julian 0

Hines has a lot of those Hall of Fame requirements but never even sniffs the ballot. Hines was a Pro Bowler from 2001-2004 going on a stretch where you could say he was a top 5-10 wide receiver in the league in a run heavy offense.

Memorable moments? Hines was the Super Bowl MVP in 2006 catching that bomb from Antwaan Randle-El that secured the title for Pittsburgh. Hines leads the historic Steelers in receiving yards and touchdowns. What about the time Hines jacked up Ed Reed? What about the shoeless game in Atlanta where Hines ran wild scoring three touchdowns and missing a shoe on one of them. Hines was never afraid to get in the mix and mocked Terrell Owens on more than one occasion.

I don’t want to shit on Julian Edelman, but can we slow our roll, a little? We have guys like Hines Ward who were all-time greats and are virtually forgotten about. He doesn’t even sniff Hall of Fame ballots. Maybe Hines deserves some more recognition? Should we push for Hines to become enshrined in the Hall?

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