Josie Muffley
Josie Muffley. Photo taken from Instagram @jmuff10.

Y’ all know I fuck with softball. That’s why it’s no surprise that the start of the college softball season, last week, brings us our Woman Crush Wednesday this week. Josie Muffley takes the prize for this sick grab:

It’s the athleticism that does it for me. Just look at that verticality. The ability to go up high, make the snag, and get down for the tag. Just a thing of pure beauty (it just sucks the umps got the call wrong).

Plus, what’s sexier than a lady doing athletic things (maybe a lady in a sexy onesie, but that’s it).

Muffley is a redshirt sophomore and plays shortstop for Florida State. So far this season she has a .375 average, .583 on-base percentage, one stolen base, and scored three runs.

She a lil cute too. Not that it matters (I told you a while ago, looks don’t matter in this dojo).

So let me know what you think. Get in my mentions on Twitter. Are you pumped for softball? Do you think Josie is a cutie? Do you think those umps should be fired for ruining her play? I want to know, but remember, IT DOESN’T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK JABRONI.