2021 offseason
Bye-bye Bryzzo: Three key members to the Cub’s Championship may be in danger of leaving this fall (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Watch out, a storm is brewing. Not just any storm. A surge of high profiled Major League Baseball players will seek to become free agents after the 2021 season. This free-agent class for the 2020 offseason highlighted by names like LeMahieu and Bauer. The 2021 offseason however will dwarf it as potentially the greatest off-season in Major League history. And GMs with money are hungry.

Brace yourself. The names of players who could be free agents next fall are Buster Posey, Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo, Javier Baez, Carlos Correa, Francisco Lindor, Trevor Story, Corey Seager, Kris Bryant, Jose Ramirez, Starling Marte, Michael Conforto, Jorge Soler, Trevor Bauer (he has an opt-out), Clayton Kershaw, Max Scherzer, Marcus Stroman, Noah Syndergaard, Justin Verlander, and Kenley Jansen to name a few. Are you kidding me? The lethality of this arrangement of players is absolutely frightening. Fielding an entire team of these dudes would win anyone a World Series.

The question is, who would benefit from this list? One more star player could be the outlier and push playoff-caliber teams toward a ring. The shortstop bracket is so promising alone. Teams like the Mariners, Athletics, Mets, and Phillies could use a guy like Story or Seager in the six-hole. I mean, anyone could. Kris Bryant may be of Dodger’s interest if Justin Turner gets injured or his production takes a dip at the third base position.

The options are endless, and Major League Baseball is blessed to have such a crop of talent. 2021 couldn’t come quickly enough in general, seeing that there actually will be a full season to be played. This added excitement of the 2021 offseason is a bonus for both baseball and sports fans everywhere.