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Josh Allen is flat-out overrated

Josh Allen

Josh Allen
(Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports)

Josh Allen is flat-out overrated

I don’t write a lot of opinion pieces here at Vendetta, but boy, do I have a lot of opinions. One of those opinions is my stance on Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen. I think Allen is a great player and all, but one thing that I have to get off my chest and out to the world is that he is flat-out overrated.

Coming into the NFL, Allen was a project player out of Wyoming. A small school, but he performed and had the tangibles to be a great NFL QB. Then the Bills took a chance on the small-town Wyoming prospect, and it turned out well for them.

But, as everyone should know, the media blows stuff out of proportion and lies. A lot. This is where my take comes in. With all due respect, this is not a shot at Allen in any regard, this is just my opinion on how the media and I portray him. We’re all critics, and have our own opinions, so listen up.

Not one person is going to be right in this world regarding a sports opinion, but if you think the Dallas Cowboys will win a Super Bowl with Dak Prescott, then you would be flat-out wrong because they won’t. For the record, I am a Cowboys fan. I have my strong opinions on Prescott, but that can be done at another time. If you want to read a little rant from me on Prescott, click here.

Back to Allen. Regarding the media and rating Allen, it needs to stop. I know Allen can be a great player at times, but stop saying he is the second coming of Jesus Christ. Patrick Mahomes and Joe Burrow are miles better than him. Allen hasn’t proven to me that he can perform when big moments occur.

Last season, he almost got knocked out by a Dolphins team that was led by Skylar Thompson. He barely won against Thompson. I mean, who wouldn’t think he would be overrated after that game? He won by the skin of his teeth.

On top of this, Allen is a sitting duck in the red zone, another thing the media doesn’t talk about. He led the league last year in red zone interceptions with five and was one of the least accurate passers with a 54.7 percent completion inside the red zone. Stop praising this man, please.

Just because the media says he has a cannon of an arm and can run past a defensive lineman as a quarterback doesn’t make you a great player, so stop acting like he is the best quarterback in the NFL just because he can throw far.

Patrick Mahomes can do both things better than Allen, but in the right way as well. Mahomes uses his scrambling to avoid sacks and flee away from defenders in trouble’s way, but when Allen is scared, he throws it all away, takes off and looks off any receivers. That’s why Mahomes is so good. He extends the play a sustainable QB can. Allen’s running won’t let him play for a long time. He needs to become a balanced pocket passer.

That’s how his career will not only survive, but it will elevate him. Use your legs in dire situations, not just out of the blue.

I think Allen is a great quarterback, but to summarize what I just said, is that the media overrates him so much just because he can throw far. Watch the actual games and you will find out I am right once again.

Is Josh Allen overrated, underrated, or just right? Let us know in the comments down below.


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