Jordan Davis
Big man Jordan Davis has the physical makings of a first-round talent, NFL run-stuffer.(AP Photo/John Bazemore)

Jordan Davis: The 340-Pound Menace Is A First Round Talent

Georgia’s vaunted defense is highlighted by a nightmare up front. Defensive tackle Jordan Davis has ensured that this defense is the best in college football. The 340-pound, 6-foot-6 senior has been consistently shutting down run games and collapsing pockets in 2021. But there are questions as to whether a player of his caliber is worth drafting in the first round in the 2022 NFL Draft.

The pros are obvious when watching Davis play. He is explosive and massive. If he isn’t double-teamed off the snap, he’s in the backfield swallowing up the running back or forcing the quarterback out of the pocket. And teams have adjusted accordingly, as Davis sees double teams on an absurd amount of his snaps. Thus, his numbers don’t rightfully reflect the impact he has. Just 7 sacks and 10 tackles for loss in his career does not do Jordan Davis justice.

Watching Jordan Davis play is like watching a freight train. His length and power allow him to get off blocks while holding the line simultaneously. Thanks to Davis, Georgia possesses the third-best run defense in college football, holding teams to a mere 81 yards per game. He plays like a longer Vince Wilfork. The strength he demonstrates with his hands and first step is truly something to marvel at. Don’t get me wrong, he struggles to get to the quarterback himself considering his immense size, but he opens up everything else for his teammates. Hence, why Georgia has the sixth most sacks in the nation.

People are down on Jordan Davis after a disappointing performance against a stout Alabama offense, but Alabama’s lack of run game can be accredited to the big man in the middle. Sure on some pass-rushing snaps, Davis struggled to get off the block, but that’s not what he excels at, nor is it what any NFL team will be asking of a premier nose tackle. Teams with porous holes along their defensive front like the Browns and Chargers should be watching Davis closely during the College Football Playoffs, hoping he falls to them in April.

Given the position of nose tackle in a pass-happy NFL, the need for it is less than it once was. However, the ability to take away the run game on first and second downs is something special and that’s what Jordan Davis brings. I don’t think he’ll be an early pick despite his difference-making ability. But as a back half first-round pick, teams will be strongly considering the big boy, Jordan Davis.