Vegas Golden Knights NHL22 Franchise Mode: Episode 2

*Warning* I’m not sure what happened but my mic cut out. The in-game audio is still all there so the video is still very entertaining. It’s just missing my commentary.

Yeah, that’s right. We’re dropping TWO episodes back to back. We finally head into game action for the next video of the Vegas Golden Knights NHL22 franchise mode. It’s the first two games of the season here for Vegas. We take on Seattle and Los Angeles out of the gates.

Let me just say this. Prior to the game, I had no idea if I would get killed or would kill the other team. I just followed the recommended settings. The settings of I’m not a complete dope but I haven’t played in a while which is 100 percent true.

All action can be seen on the Twitch Channel so why don’t you head over there first!

Episode one can be seen here!