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2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: SEC Conference Championship

2022 NFL Draft

2022 NFL Draft
What the hell do we do with Jameson Williams? This dude is RIDICULOUS! The 2022 NFL Draft stock report series focuses on the SEC Title Game! (Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports)

2022 NFL Draft Stock Report: SEC Conference Championship

I’ve been busy. The stock reports haven’t come out as frequently as I would like but I’ve been traveling and haven’t gotten to watch as much college football as I normally do. I was, however, able to catch the SEC Conference Championship so we will be covering that for the 2022 NFL Draft Stock Report series. Which players on Georgia and Alabama raised their draft stock?


I still think about this post. I hope this was the wake up call Georgia needed. You’re not winning a National Championship with Stetson Bennett. Stop trying to make it happen. Georgia is the best team in the country. Nobody has more talent… except their quarterback is a lame duck nobody.

JT Daniels is a real quarterback that actually has some value. In a weak QB class, Daniels could make his way up the boards. That’s if he actually gets his job back. I know Nick Saban won a Title with Jacob Coker, but Bennett is far worse than even he was. He’s not a camp arm, let alone draftable. It’s a shame.

It’s really nice to see that Georgia has decided to essentially name James Cook the lead back. It’s been a long time coming. He out-carried Zamir White for the first time in what seems like ever. Cook just has that extra burst White doesn’t. Which is kinda a shame. If White had Cook’s burst, he would look like Nick Chubb. It’s just not happening. Neither had anything going because the offense is broken with Bennett.

It was nice to see George Pickens out there. Even if it’s in limited time. I still think he’s the best wide receiver in the draft. I’m shocked he’s even playing after tearing his ACL earlier this year. I’m not sure how fast he is but there’s a lot of AJ Green here. Which is a high bar but I think Pickens in at least 90 percent of Green which should be a first rounder.

The Georgia defense got exposed for the first time all year. A lot of it had to do with the Bama receivers (who we’ll get to later). Overall I thought Derion Kendrick did a good job but I’m not sure you can say the same about the rest of the group. Kelee Ringo is going to be a stud but is still a freshman.

The biggest issue, in my opinion, was the lack of effectiveness from Jordan Davis. Look, I’m the president of the Davis fan club. I tried to tell you about this dude two years ago. Anybody that tells you that Davis is a stud is two years too late.

However, we saw the downfall here. There is no question that Davis is a freak show but it’s hard to keep a 360 pound nose tackle on the field for three downs. He spent a lot of time on the sidelines and even chunks of the game not even in action.

I love the guy, but we need to be careful. I think Davis is better than Vince Wilfork even was but how high are we going? Top 5? No, I’ll trade down and pick up four or five players instead. Late first round? Yeah, count me in.


John Metchie tore his ACL which is a shame because I think he’s talented. Of course, he probably never gets hurt if he’s not on my fantasy team. Sorry…

Metchie, to me, is very similar to Henry Ruggs (hopefully without the idiotic off the field stuff). Metchie looks a tick slower but a way better route runner. I’m not sure Ruggs is more than a vertical threat. Metchie has more to him but won’t run as fast. Probably comes with a better ceiling. I just love the way he’s able to stop on a dime and create separation.

However, I think it’s clear now that Jameson Williams is a touch better. Metchie has home run ability but Williams seems to hit one every night. I don’t care that he didn’t crack Ohio State’s rotation. I’ve seen enough. Another seven catch, 184 yards, and two touchdowns.

I have no idea what the draft range is here but this guy is oozing with talent. There’s underrated size here too at 6-foot-2. The sample size isn’t large but it’s hard not to be blown away.

Average game from Brian Robinson but we know he’s banged up. Obviously not enough to change my opinion which wasn’t super high, to begin with. Draftable, but not special enough to go high.

I don’t know where DJ Dale will go but I think I’ve seen enough to know he’s not Christian Baremore level good. More Isaiah Buggs which is more than fine.

Jordan Battle came away with a pick 6, which is great because I’m not sure he’s more than a strong safety that can play the run. Hasn’t shown enough in that area to warrant Xavier McKinney (who I thought was overrated anyway) level of excitement. But a good step in the right direction.

I still don’t like Josh Jobe. He looks like he gets picked on a lot. Offenses clearly target him and continues to look grabby.


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