Jon Robinson
The Jon Robinson love affair needs to stop. The idea that Robinson is a great general manager is just totally false and laughable. (Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

The Jon Robinson Love Affair Has Become Comical

What are we doing here? Has the NFL universe lost its damn mind? Let me start over because if we live in a world were Jon Robinson is a revered general manager, the universe needs to be blown up.

Jon Robinson is the star of the show because he landed Julio Jones. Great… a former Patriots executive has gone all in on a move that will backfire. Where have I seen this before? Oh, yeah… you mean every person that’s left New England not named Brian Flores. Got it.

I know most fans, media, and players have rocks for brains so let me catch you up to speed. To eat the entire Julio Jones contract for a 32 year old aging asset while giving up a 2nd and 4th round pick to do so is bad business for a team that has a zero percent change to win the Super Bowl. If you can’t see that, seek help. Not sure what to tell you.

As previously mentioned, most people are dumb. Chris Johnson (who is my favorite NFL player ever) came out and said he wished Robinson was his gm when he played. WTF?

PER TMZ Sports:

“I wish I could’ve played there when we had that GM,” Johnson said. “They doing what they got to do to win games.”

“There’s no way you can put eight, nine in the box on Henry. You got Julio on the outside. You got A.J. on the other side. So, you can’t stack the box or anything like that… It’s crazy” Johnson explained.

“I wish they would have made them moves when I was there,” the 2009 AP Offensive Player of the Year and 2,000-yard club member said. “You love that move. You don’t want to continue to run against eight and nine in the box. You don’t want to do that.”

Listen, I love Chris Johnson. He’s my dude. Won me a lot of fantasy leagues. He’s been my day one since East Carolina… but shut up dude. Johnson should have animosity towards Jeff Fisher. I get that one. Want to blame the general manager that put Kerry Collins and Vince Young out there for you. Feel free. To praise Robinson? Get the hell out of here.

Robinson has been the general manager since 2016. Tennessee went 9-7 four straight years outside of this past year where the Titans finished 11-5 and lost in the first round of the playoffs. Robinson has guided a team stuck in the middle. Good enough to occasionally make the playoffs. Not good enough to ever be taken seriously as a serious contender.

There is no other way to quantify this. Robinson has been a shitty drafter and talent accumulator. Let’s break his draft picks down into two categories; hits and misses.


  • Kevin Dodd (2nd round)
  • Austin Johnson (2nd round)
  • Corey Davis (5th overall)
  • Adoree Jackson (18th overall)
  • Taywan Taylor (3rd round)
  • Harold Landry (2nd round)
  • Isaiah Wilson (1st round)


  • Derrick Henry (2nd round)
  • AJ Brown (2nd round)
  • End of list.

Robinson has flunked the test a hell of a lot more than he’s passed it. Just a year ago he took Isaiah Wilson and that guy isn’t even in the league anymore. Now he’s had a small handful later round picks pan out like Jayon Brown, Kevin Byard, Nate Davis, and Jonnu Smith but that’s really it. As a drafter, Robinson has been awful. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to former New England assistants.

Am I supposed to credit Robinson for finding a running back at a position that’s the easiest to find plug and play starters? Am I supposed to credit Robinson for taking AJ Brown in a draft loaded with WR talent?

This is the same general manager that tried to convince us Marcus Mariota was the man, gave the bag to Malcolm Butler, and assembled the 30th ranked pass rushing unit in the league a year ago. WHAT THE FUCK ARE WE DOING?

For all intensive purposes, the Titans entire franchise is a joke. This is the last team you should buy on the SimBull market. Robinson has found a way to recreate the Marvin Lewis Cincinnati Bengals and has somehow been praised for doing so. I thought the backward corona universe was over? NOPE. We still live in this world full of morons.