Marcus Mariota
Jon Robinson wants brittle Marcus Mariota to avoid big hits (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

If you have a brain, then you already know that Marcus Mariota stinks. It would be one thing if he just wasn’t a good quarterback. It’s another thing when he is hurt all the time. Mariota will play the 2019-2020 season under the 5th-year option and the final year of his rookie contract. The time is now to prove that Mariota is the guy (he won’t but it is that time).

Titans GM, Jon Robinson spoke out today about one thing that he needs from Mariota. Avoiding big hits is high on the list:

“The thing I’ve stressed to him, and I know our coaches have stressed to him is, ‘Let’s live to play another play,'” Robinson said to Albert Breer of The MMQB. “Don’t take that hit. If you feel the pocket coming down on you and you take off running, and the ‘backer is coming off of coverage and he’s coming screaming at you, throw the ball away. It’s OK to punt, we’ll get another crack at it. That’s the main thing, it’s stressing to him-to try as best as possible, like all quarterbacks do, to avoid getting hit.”

I almost didn’t write this column because I didn’t want to link an article to that weasel, Albert Breer. Breer is such a loser and is one of the 800 media members that shouldn’t have jobs. I would love to knock him out in some sort of sanctioned fight. If we could make that happen, that would be fantastic.

Now back to brittle Mariota. I don’t understand how anyone could possibly defend Mariota. There is NOTHING to like about him. He’s not vocal. Mariota has never played a full 16 game season. The former Oregon product also has a TD to INT ratio of 24-23 the past two years. If that doesn’t tell you that he sucks, then I don’t know what does. Let’s be honest about something. Would any person out there be shocked if Ryan Tannehill just flat out won the job? I wouldn’t.

I just want all the Titans fans out there to know that I already put a curse on your franchise. I will lift the curse when that mouse pays his bet. So far, I haven’t received my two cases of Blue Moon. I’ll consider lifting the curse if the Titans actually move off of Mariota. Those are the two conditions. Until then, your franchise is cursed.