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The ESPN Daily Newsletter is discontinuing. Newspapers are dead. So are newsletters. Oh, this post also includes story time! (ESPN)

The ESPN Daily Newsletter Is Discontinuing

Sorry Boomers… take another L. Newspapers are dying and so are newsletters. ESPN is killing theirs off. The ESPN Daily Newsletter is officially discontinuing. I gotta be honest; I didn’t know ESPN had a newsletter but for those out there that it read, you’re going to have to look elsewhere for it.

John Ourand, reporting for Sports Business Daily had this to say:

VIA Awful Announcing:

ESPN is shutting down its ESPN Daily newsletter after nearly five years, with the final edition being sent out this morning. No one is losing their job because of the move, with most of the people involved with the newsletter moving to and the ESPN App. ESPN launched the free newsletter in the fall of ’16 as a way to deliver top headlines and buzzworthy moments — the culture of sports, ESPN called it — to subscribers. It’s not known how many people signed up for the newsletter.

Ultimately, ESPN decided that newsletters like ESPN Daily don’t work as well for a company that brings in such big digital audiences to its website and app, not to mention The ESPN Daily podcast, in addition to the amount of people ESPN reaches via Apple News, Google AMP and social media.

Like I said, I didn’t even know ESPN had a daily newsletter. They are probably killing it off because nobody signed up for it. Nobody wants spam emails under the age of 45. It’s also redundant anyway because all of that information can be found on the site or the app.

I mainly wanted to write this story because I have an ulterior motive. You see, we almost partnered with a company but were hesitant to do so because of “a lack of a newsletter”. Not making it up. Real story. A partnership fell through because we didn’t have a newsletter.

Boomers, man. They don’t understand the world we live in. ESPN does a lot of things wrong but even they realized the newsletter is dead. There’s no point. The people that sit there in their underwear and read a newspaper are being wiped off the planet each and every day.

Long story short, if you’re looking to advertise somewhere, don’t ask about their newsletter. You look and sound stupid.

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