Albert Breer
@AlbertBreer thinks he’s tough by destroying his son’s T-Ball participation trophy.

I started Vendetta Sports Media for a couple of reasons. The first was to prove that I am the best at this. The second reason is to expose the frauds in the media that shouldn’t have jobs. This segment will feature the latter. Albert Breer just pulled off one of the most pathetic stunts I’ve ever seen.

Breer found out that his son (age not confirmed) won a participation trophy. Heroic Breer went to social media to brag about destroying his son’s award:

Listen, I’m not going to sit here and talk about how a father should parent a son. That’s not my job. This isn’t about whether Breer congratulated his son or destroyed the trophy. I’m sure you have your own opinion about which is the correct route and I don’t care what you believe. This is about Breer destroying the trophy and then bragging about it.

What grown ass man destroys his son’s trophy and then brags about it? Parent the way you want. I don’t care. However, when you brag about it on social media, that crosses a line. Who openly acts tough about destroying a kids stuff? What a coward. There were some funny responses too.

Seriously… what father brags about destroying a son’s possession? Apparently, the trophy was from a T-Ball league so I’m guessing the kid is 4 or 5? There is only one course of action here. I have officially challenged puny Albert Breer to a fight. Let’s see how tough this coward is now. Let’s see how his son likes watching his pathetic dad get his face torn off like that trophy. I bet he would appreciate it. If Breer wants to act all tough with a child, let’s see how he acts with a former collegiate wrestler who could kick his ass in about 15 seconds.

Albert Breer

Is this the son that you pick on? Tough enough to pick on a 5 year old? Wow, real intimidating. Do you also abuse your dog too to make yourself feel better?

Albert Breer

Look at this scumbag’s mugshot. Sure looks like a loser who brags about picking on his own child who’s no older than 6. I do also want to mention that I have no idea how these people get jobs. How does someone like this get hired?

The floor is open, Breer. Let’s see how tough you really are… Will you accept my fight or turtle like the coward that you are? Go ahead, keep picking on helpless children. Only a pathetic piece of shit picks on a kid. I’ll be waiting for a response. Pick on someone your own size. I’ll gladly fight on behalf of your son.