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John Tomase Is A Miserable Fuck

John Tomase

John Tomase
John Tomase is a miserable fuck. (NBC Sports Boston Screen Grab)

I swear the Boston media is the absolute worst. I really can’t stand them. Everything that is wrong with sports media, you can find it in the Boston market. Right now, nobody is worse than John Tomase who covers the Red Sox for NBC Sports Boston. Tomase is a miserable fuck. That is the only way to describe him. You would think that he spends his days working in coal mines. Nope. He covers the Red Sox and gets paid to do so, yet talks like someone set his house on fire. It is absolutely aggravating to listen to.

SHUT THE FUCK UP! Just listen to this guy talk. You can tell that Tomase loves being miserable. He’s happier that way. Poor guy gets to cover the Red Sox and acts like the Sun is about to engulf the Earth. The Red Sox just won the World Series in 2018 with all three of the pitchers he’s talking about. God, life really sucks. What could be worse than winning the World Series just a year ago with Chris Sale, David Price, and Nathan Eovaldi. Poor, Red Sox. What will they ever do!

You might think to yourself, “Okay, Trey, you’re being a little hard on the guy. He’s allowed to complain. There’s no way he’s this depressing all the time”. See, that’s where you are wrong. No, he’s this miserable all the time.

He’s been pushing the trade Mookie Betts narrative for months. He hates the guy. I don’t know why. How am I supposed to know why Tomase is a miserable fuck? He’s written about 700 articles how the Red Sox are essentially a lock to trade Mookie Betts. Again, I don’t know why he hates the guy. Maybe his wife has a crush on Mookie. I don’t have a clue.

I’ll provide two examples. This article claims that *teammates expect the Red Sox to move on from Betts. The problem is only one teammate came forward and that was JD Martinez who the Red Sox are way more likely to move on from. He also wrote this article about the 5 guys he would build the Red Sox around. Like his opinion actually matters. He lists JD Martinez and Brandon Workman as 2 of the 5 must-have players on the roster. How fucking stupid is this guy? Yes, let’s prioritize a 32-year-old DH over an MVP gold glove right fielder in his prime? Brandon Workman HAS TO BE KEPT! What an asshole. Nobody in the world possibly can think that. The Red Sox ownership has stated time and time again that Mookie Betts is the face of the franchise. In fact, if you follow NESN which is the media company that holds the television rights to the Red Sox (a company that the Red Sox ownership owns) you will have a hard time finding any sort of posts that suggest the Red Sox are going to trade Mookie Betts.

I don’t have a clue why Tomase is pushing this narrative. Unless the Red Sox get some sort of Herschel Walker type of package, there’s really no chance they’re going to deal Mookie. Yes, the Red Sox want to get below the luxury tax if possible. However, I already broke down those budgetary concerns. All the Red Sox really have to do is move on from Jackie Bradley Jr and JD Martinez and they fall well short of the tax. There’s also a good chance JD opts out so the Red Sox might not have to even worry about moving him.

John Tomase

I tried to find a picture of John Tomase smiling. Turns out it was impossible. The only one that’s out there is his Twitter bio. Calling this picture repulsive doesn’t do it justice. This is one of the ugliest humans on the planet. Let’s be honest. It looks like he’s experiencing sex for the first time in this picture where he tried to film himself but couldn’t keep a steady hand. Then said “fuck it, this is the only time in my life I’ve cracked a smile. I gotta use this for Twitter”.

I’m not saying you can’t complain. I do too. I’m very reasonable. Dave Dombrowski deserved to be fired. I’m just not a miserable piece of shit like that curly headed fuck. The Red Sox have won the World Series in 2004, 2007, 2013, and 2018. There’s no team you would rather cover or be a fan of. Since the turn of the melinium, nobody has won more. 4 championships and a postseason record of 48-28 since 2004. The Yankees postseason record is 39-44 during that same stretch. There’s no team you would rather be a fan of. I’m blessed that I was born a Red Sox fan. They’re the elite franchise in the sport with the highest payroll in the sport. Great ownership, multiple titles, and a beautiful ballpark to go to every day. What more do you want? Don’t worry, Tomase will find a way to be a miserable fuck while pushing narratives that have no traction.

By the way, John Tomase is a big liar. In fact, there is an entire website dedicated to the certitude that he lied. When Tomase tries to report something, keep in mind he’s already been a proven liar. Nothing he says is based in fact. It’s all nonsense. Just him being a miserable fuck putzing around like the curly headed loser that he is. Nobody takes this guy seriously. The fear mongering rhetoric NBC Sports Boston allows Tomase to use is total garbage and epitomizes everything wrong with the media in Beantown. I love the city of Boston. Every city has some trash in it and Tomase stinks to high heaven. Get this guy out of here. You’re better than this, NBC Sports Boston.

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