Rafael Devers
Rafael Devers has gone from the worst defender in baseball to the best? #Dirtywater (Matt Stone/Boston Herald)

Baseball is a weird sport. Often times it’s a spor that doesn’t make sense at all. It’s foundation is built on failure. Nothing else is truly like it. Rafael Devers was one of, if not the worst defender in baseball. Devers committed 24 errors in 2018. It was getting to the point where I started to think they should flip him over to first base. Now he’s the best defender at his position just months later? It makes NO SENSE!

Just how much has Devers improved? NBC Sports Boston had the following:

As Justin Long of the Red Sox points out, Devers has been the best defensive third baseman in the American League. 

After committing 10 errors in the first 31 games of the season, Devers has only made three errors over the last 55 games (149 chances). In that 55-game stretch, he leads all AL third baseman in fielding percentage (.980) and only trails Nolan Arenado (.983) for the best fielding percentage in baseball.”

I saw the Devers breakout season coming. He was on my list of candidates prior to the season. However, how the hell did he go from egregious to elite in months? It’s hard to wrap my head around. A lot of people deserve credit here. Alex Cora, Xander Bogaerts, Ramon Vazquez, Carlos Febles, etc. Whatever is happening, it’s one of the most fascinating things that’s happening in baseball right now.

Devers has been one of the best offensive players in baseball as well. Raffy is slashing .327/.380/.557 on the season with 17 dingers. Devers, 22, is just scratching the surface. Just wait until how good this guy will be in 3 years! The Red Sox just might have the best left side of the infield in MLB.