John Harbaugh
Does John Harbaugh know he’s screwed? It seems that way. He called the Browns the most talented team in the division #RavensFlock (Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

Does John Harbaugh know that he’s screwed? That seems to be the case. NFL coaches are gathered together at some sort of odd breakfast today and reporters are going around trying to get interesting quotes. Harbs made it pretty clear how he feels about the competition inside the division. He knows he’s screwed.

“John Harbaugh on Browns via Jamison Hensley: “They’re the most talented team in the division. We’ll see what that means. I know this — that’s right now. The best team in the division is the team that’s going to win the division. So, we’ll see what the best team is.”

There’s two ways to interpret this. One could be that he’s saying the Browns have the most talent but they are the Browns and will figure out a way to mess it up. Fair and valid point. The other way to interpret this is Harbaugh knows that he is outmaned and outgunned. He has a quarterback that can’t throw, zero pass rushers, zero linebackers, and zero reliable wide receivers. Talk about an uphill climb to repeat as division champs. The Browns are oozing with talent at virtually ever position.

No team has been gutted more than the Ravens this offseason losing John Brown, Eric Weddle, Terrell Suggs, Za’Darius Smith, and CJ Mosley. Outside of Earl Thomas, the Ravens haven’t really improved the roster either. 2019 looks like it’s going to be a rough year in Baltimore. The Orioles flat out suck and the Ravens are going down the toilet. They can’t really go and root for the Wizards either because they won’t make the playoffs and are stuck with John Wall. Hey, at least they can cling onto the Caps Stanley Cup if that counts.