2019 NFL Draft
The Houston Texans have their franchise quarterback with Deshaun Watson. Now let’s go inside the war room to see their 2019 NFL Draft strategy (Troy Taormina/USA TODAY Sports)

Let’s describe what the Houston Texans are. Deshaun Watson, DeAndre Hopkins, an okay defense, and a horrendous offensive line. If the Texans don’t grab an offensive lineman, every scout, gm, and personnel guy should be fired. End of story. Let’s go inside the war room. What can we expect from the Houston Texans during the 2019 NFL Draft?

First Round (Pick 23) – The Texans need a left tackle. Let’s start there. Andre Dillard seems like a great fit if he’s on the board. Natural pass protecting left tackle. He’s also an athletic tackle that can get out in space and block downfield. Having a tackle like that seems important given Deshaun Watson’s skill set. Dillard had a great showing at the Senior Bowl and the Combine. He’s a first round tackle all day.

Second Round (Pick 54) – This is the Duane Brown pick. Use it to get another offensive lineman. Not a hard thought process. Here comes the guard Chris Lindstrom. I really loved what I saw from the Boston College product. He had an unreal Senior Bowl. He’s been a starter since his Freshman year. Lindstrom has great footwork. Bottom line, pick an offensive lineman. They need all the help in the world.

Second Round (Pick 55) – The Texans have back to back picks in the 2nd round. Here comes another offensive lineman. This time we’re going bookend tackles. Tytus Howard seems like a great fit on the right side. Pair him with Dillard and get Watson some protection. Howard is another athletic tackle who transformed from quarterback to tackle. That’s the same route Lane Johnson took too. I thought Howard showed some nastiness at the Senior Bowl. I don’t care who they pick as long as it’s a third straight offensive lineman.

Third Round (Pick 87) – Okay, now that the Texans have some line talent, now they can start looking at other spots on the roster. This secondary got gutted. Tyrann Mathieu, Kareem Jackson, and Kevin Johnson are all gone. Kendall Sheffield could be a steal here. He got hurt at the combine tearing his peck that will make him fall in the draft. BUT… this is a good player. Sheffield has tremendous speed but he’s also a physical corner. Ohio State defensive backs always attack the ball.

Outside of that, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Texans get a tight end, secondary wide out, and second running back. Just some weapons to take the pressure off of DeAndre Hopkins. The Texans need a strong 2019 NFL Draft and most of the picks need to head to the offensive line.