Carson Wentz
Howie Roseman said that extending Carson Wentz is a priority for the #FlyEaglesFly is a new contract on the horizon? (Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Eagles GM Howie Roseman made the clear and obvious decision to move on from Nick Foles and handed the reigns back to Carson Wentz. The right call on every single level. Carson Wentz is one of the 5 best young quarterbacks in the league. The Eagles just need to find a way to keep him healthy. Now Roseman wants to get an extension done with Wentz quickly.

“It’s important to us that we have relationships with our players where we keep things in-house, and contract talks are a big part of that,” Roseman said when asked about the timing of such a deal. “But obviously, having Carson here long-term is our goal, and we’ll work toward that.”

I think that once you see the type of impact that he can have on the field, the kind of player he is, the type of work ethic he has, you start planning about how you’re going to build a team around a highly paid player at that position,” he said. “Obviously, we’re getting to the point where that’s going to become a reality, so some of the decisions that we have to make are going to be influenced by that. We’re trying to plan by getting more young players into our system.”

This is just one of those things that just needs to get sooner rather than later. The longer the Eagles wait, the more expensive he becomes. With quarterbacks breaking contract records year after year, signing Wentz now will save them money long term.

Wentz is scheduled to make a base salary of $720 thousand in 2019 and carries a cap number of about $8.5 million. The year after, the Eagles can extend the 5th year rookie option to cover his 2020 salary. Like I said, if the Eagles extend him now, they can tear up the cheap salaries for the next two years to make him less expensive down the line. Especially given Wentz’s recent injury history, his stock is a lot lower than it should be. Wentz is a superstar.