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Joe Flacco

(Patrick Semansky/AP)

Joe Flacco Won’t Return Lamar Jackson’s Texts Or Phone Calls

Joe Flacco
Lamar Jackson just wants a hug, Joe Flacco won’t even return his calls (Patrick Semansky/AP)

Talk about being a sore loser? Joe Flacco might be the most bitter person in the world. A report has surfaced that Joe Flacco has refused to talk to Lamar Jackson. On one hand, it’s hard to blame him considering Lamar Jackson really is more of a flash in a pan rather than a sustainable franchise quarterback for the next decade. On the other hand, Flacco, bud… You stink!

NFL Reporter Chris Brown had the details on the report:

Chris B. Brown of addressed “news” that “Joe Flacco still hasn’t returned Lamar Jackson’s calls/texts or otherwise spoken to him.”

“To me there’s a difference between ‘helping a guy take your job’ and being a professional,”

Joe Flacco also refused to talk to the media on draft day after Jackson was taken. Now we know that Big Ben also isn’t happy with the Steelers taking Mason Rudolph but a third-round pick is very different from a first round pick. It’s clear that regardless of how Joe Flacco plays this season, Jackson is in the future plans of the Baltimore Ravens with Robert Griffin III being his primary backup.

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Considering the fact that Flacco is vastly overpaid and he put up a measly 46 QBR last season, you can’t blame the Ravens for wanting to go in a new direction. However, I’ve said multiple times that running quarterbacks are not sustainable in this league. There’s a big difference between a mobile quarterback who can throw (Deshaun Watson & Russell Wilson) and running quarterbacks (Colin Kaepernick, Johnny Manziel, Tim Tebow). Jackson is much closer to that second group of players considering he failed to complete 60 percent of his throws in any of his three years as a starting quarterback at Louisville. That was with Bobby Petrino who is a brilliant head coach.

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Nevertheless, this situation will probably only get worse before it gets better. Flacco either will play like his hair is on fire and never let go of the starting role this season. The other possibility is Flacco continues to play like garbage throwing 5 yard passes tempting fans to start for clamoring for Jackson’s debut sooner rather than later.

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