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Jim Nagy: Does He Hate Or Fear Trey Daubert?

I don’t know why, but Jim Nagy seems to have something against Trey Daubert. Is it hate? Is it fear? Could it potentially be something completely unrelated? There are signs pointing to both, and now I need to try and figure out which it is.

So first things first, time to give some background information on this whole situation. A few days ago, Trey sent a screenshot of Twitter from his phone. That screenshot showed that the official senior bowl Twitter account had BLOCKED Trey Daubert. They flat out BLOCKED this man, why? Just why?


So seriously, what gives? I mean sure, Trey has been incredibly critical of Jim Nagy in the past. But in the world of the internet, and Twitter especially, criticism flies all over the place. Albeit, sometimes it may not be the most constructive criticism but if it’s justified then it will exist. Trey’s a straight shooter, he’ll tell you if you suck and he’ll tell you if you’re an absolute rockstar. That’s just the nature of who he is and I respect the hell out of him for that.

This is also not the first time Jim Nagy has apparently had enough of Trey Daubert. Long ago, Jim Nagy actually blocked Trey’s personal Twitter! First Jim Nagy blocks his account from being viewed by Trey, and now Nagy, or someone associated with the Senior Bowl in a fairly important capacity, has blocked Trey from viewing any and all tweets from the official Senior Bowl account.

I don’t understand this, why block somebody like that for seemingly no real reason? Simply doesn’t make sense. Is Nagy hateful of Trey because of how often Trey can prove him wrong? Or is he fearful of Trey proving him wrong again in the future? the world may never know.

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