Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith went on an epic rant about tonight’s Chargers and Chiefs game. He couldn’t have been more wrong. (ESPN)

Stephen A Smith is leading the charge over at ESPN. If Stephen A wanted to, he could probably sue ESPN for working more than 700 hours per week. ESPN is so desperate for content, that they call on Stephen A anytime breaking news happens so that they can get his reaction yelling at someone. Stephen A’s main show is First Take in the morning. The First Take crew was talking about tonight’s showdown between the Chargers and Chiefs.

Check out this rant. He couldn’t have been more wrong if he did the whole segment drunk:

This is a joke. First, Stephen A Smith Talks about Spencer Ware, the running back for the Chiefs. Ware has been ruled out for the game because of a shoulder and hamstring injury. Luckily, Max Kellerman corrected him and Stephen A apologized. Damien Williams will start the game and there was no mention of him.

Second, Stephen A goes on a rant about Hunter Henry. The Chargers tight end has been out the entire season because of a torn ACL. He hasn’t played a game. Actually, he didn’t even play a preseason game. Henry tore his ACL in camp. There was also a brief mention of Derrick Johnson who isn’t on the Chiefs roster anymore. He also called the Chargers the San Diego Chargers but that’s ok. Everyone can make that mistake.

This is the perfect example of how ESPN is turning into the WWE thanks to Stephen A. He’s actually living up to the part. Did you see him strutting around in a Saints jersey getting booed weeks ago? Can you imagine getting paid millions of dollars to just spew out bullshit? Imagine going on TV and saying “I’m looking at Elvis Grbac” “I’m looking at Priest Holmes” “I’m looking at Tony Gonzalez” and that’s why the Chiefs will win tonight!

How about Teddy Bruschi’s face? I would love to know what he’s thinking. I would rather sell my soul to hell than work for the bootleg WWE that is ESPN. Let’s be honest about Stephen A Smith, he’s incredibly stupid but he knows how to yell.