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Jerry Jones Defends Mike McCarthy And His Game Management

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has had a very big knock on him basically throughout his entire coaching career, and that is that when it comes to game/clock management he is absolutely awful at it. He drew a firestorm of criticism during the Cowboys’ last game against the Patriots where he took a timeout with 24 seconds left to kick a field goal instead of going for it on 4th-and-1. However, it seems he has at least one supporter in his corner: Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Full quote via PFT via NBCSports.com:

“I don’t think I’ve ever been in a game that you can’t point to aspects of it that are iffy. And sometimes it has a good result, sometimes it doesn’t. But overall I’m right in there with Mike on his game management,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “I think he does it extremely well, but more importantly, I want all of our fans to know how conscientious about how hard he works on it, the detail of situational rehearsal and practice that he does. And, so, while we all know you can’t quite replicate and practice every situation, it’s not from a lack of working at it. And, so, I think that’s part of us watching the game. I think that’s part of being a fan and being interactive in the game is to make the call in our minds the way we want to make it or the way we think it should have done and the second-guessing and everything that goes with it; that endgame activity, that concentration on the game makes it beautiful.”

Mike McCarthy entered the 2021 NFL season on the hot seat (some even thought he wouldn’t finish the season), but seeing that the Dallas Cowboys are 5-1 and atop the NFC East, he has probably taken himself off that hot seat, for now at least. But if this questionable clock management counties, which it will, and it starts to cost the Cowboys games, he will find himself right back where he was before. Only time will tell.

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