Derrick Henry
(James Kenney/Associated Press)

It’s Time To Tell Everyone The Truth About Derrick Henry

There is something I have known for quite a while about the Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry. When I have suggested this to a person or two, it was met with disagreement and sheer shock, but I can not hold it back any longer. This news will be shocking for many people to accept, so after reading this if you need a second or two to let it sink in, that’s ok.

Derrick Henry is undeniably the best running back in football.

Let’s be honest, this shouldn’t be shocking news after all. I went into the 2021 NFL season having the belief that Derrick Henry was the best back in football, and after his performance through 6 weeks you can not disagree with me. There are a few reasons that back me in this thought, and I will explain.

1) You Can’t Rely On CMC Anymore

Listen, I am as big of a fan as Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey as much as the next guy. When this guy is healthy and on the field, he is a complete game changer and can score on any play. But there is some key wording in that sentence, “when healthy”. Injuries are a part of football, and they have hit McCaffrey hard especially over the last two seasons. When I think of the best running back in football, I think of someone who I know for a fact will be out there every week (maybe there should be a new guaranteed number one pick in fantasy). Derrick Henry has missed just two games since being drafted in 2016. When you look at Henry as well, he looks like an absolute monster, which leads me to my next point.

2) How Do You Stop A Guy This Big?

Picture this: you are an inside linebacker. Let’s go with somewhere around 6’2 maybe pushing 230lbs or so. Moves well, sure tackler. A pure leader on the defensive side of the ball. Play starts, wide-open hole in the middle of the line, and you see a RUNNING BACK that is 6’2, 247 pounds. Not only that, but this man possesses a 40-yard dash time of 4.52. Think about that. A man that big moving like that is absolutely insane. If you try and tackle him high, you get destroyed by a vicious stiff arm. So go low you think, good luck wrapping up his tree trunk side legs. There’s also this.

21.8 MPH?! Are you serious? Good luck dude honestly. My last point..

3) Derrick Henry Is A Yardage Machine

Let me present exhibit A.

This stat is insane to me. Leading the NFL in yards from scrimmage for Derrick Henry shouldn’t come as a shock, but that massive gap between him and the next player is massive. Next,

Want to hear something terrifying? Typically you hear of players getting better every year, but a guy like Derrick Henry getting better should strike fear in the hearts of defensive coordinators. Let me give you the facts.

  • 2016- 490 yards, 5 TDs
  • 2017- 744 yards, 5 TDs
  • 2018- 1059 yards, 12 TDs
  • 2019- 1540 yards, 16 TDs
  • 2020- 2027 yards, 17 TDs

I have laid out all the facts. I believe from the bottom of my heart that there is no running back in the NFL that can challenge the throne for the best while Derrick Henry sits there. Don’t get me wrong, guys like CMC, Dalvin Cook, Nick Chubb, and others are elite. Among the best in the league. But beyond a shadow of a doubt, there is only one king at the position in the NFL, and his name is King Henry.

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