Mike McCarthy
Mike McCarthy lied to get the Cowboys job. Watch this funny clip from his opening press conference in Dallas. (Stacy Revere/Getty Images)

I still don’t know what to make of the Mike McCarthy thing? McCarthy is the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys and I’m not anybody is 100 percent sure of what to expect. How does he impact Dak? Was McCarthy just a product of Aaron Rodgers? Did McCarthy innovate his offense during his time off? Will Kellen Moore continue to have serious power? Nobody knows.

What we do know is Mike McCarthy did some ole fashion fibbing in order to get the job. A reporter asked the new Cowboys head coach if he watched every snap from Dallas’ 2019 season. His response was too funny:

Hey, can’t blame him. Contract is signed now. There are no take backs. McCarthy just signed a hefty contract. He can say whatever he wants. Hell, he even slept over Jerry’s house! McCarthy is feeling real good about himself.

I think everybody has done thing. Just throw in some extra stat padding in the resume category. Oh, he 100 percent watched every single snap of the Cowboys. Hilarious.

For McCarthy, this is all about Dak Prescott. Can McCarthy turn Dak into a blue chip quarterback? That’s his job now. The weapons or offensive line is a strength for Dak. Now his coach has to be a strength. It’s an interesting pairing for sure but Dallas now is all in on Dak. Regardless of how much he helped, McCarthy’s work with Aaron Rodgers and his stable job in Green Bay got him this job.