Tom Brady
Bucs GM Jason Licht claims that Tom Brady has a stronger arm than he did a year. WHATEVER YOU SAY, CHAMP. (DIRK SHADD | Times)

The hype around the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is OUT OF CONTROL. Don’t worry, general manager Jason Licht is adding more fuel to the fire. Before last year, I was never a Tom Brady doubter. Last year during the middle of the year, I switched because Brady looked old, slow, and shot.

Don’t worry, as Brady got another year old, magically, his arm strength improved tenfold. That’s what Licht says anyway:

“One thing that strikes me is that he doesn’t look like he’s any older. Actually, his arm looks stronger than what we saw last year on tape,” said Licht, who was with Brady and the New England Patriots in 2002 as assistant director of player personnel and from 2009 to 2011 as director of player personnel.

“His work ethic is just unbelievable. We keep saying this word, but he just sets such a high standard that you find out if guys can keep up with it or if they’re not quite ready. And I think everyone on this team wants to reach that standard. You’ve got some young guys that are learning on the fly here, but I think it’s something that, I think we said this when we signed him: Whenever he’s done — let’s just say five years from now — that standard will remain with this team.”

Nobody is questioning Brady’s work ethic. He didn’t become the greatest quarterback to ever do it by not working hard. Brady’s arm looks better because it’s September, and he’s practicing in warm weather. I’m sure he might look okay for a few weeks. When that cold weather hits, Brady will go back to the noodle arm.

Brady’s situation is playing out like the end of Peyton Manning’s career. The wheels will fall off. They pretty much already have. Brady was AWFUL in several games a year ago. The defense carried him in New England last year, not the other way around.

Brady had a 60.8% completion rate and 6.6 yards per attempt. Call me crazy, but those numbers are terrible. His 3.9% touchdown rate last year was the lowest of his career.


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