Playoff LeBron
Playoff LeBron is heating up. (Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)

First, it was the Lakers don’t look good in the bubble. Then the Blazers aren’t a typical eight seed. Then it was James Harden, and Russell Westbrook are going to eat the Laker guards for dinner. What happened to all the talk? It seems to die as soon as Playoff LeBron turns it on. Here’s a good idea; stop doubting King James love him or hate him. He’s still the best player in this league and the most dominant playoff player we’ve ever seen.

The numbers don’t lie. LeBron is averaging 26 points, ten rebounds, and nine assists a game in the playoffs on 55% shooting. Those are FREAK numbers, and guess what he’s not done. In both playoff series, the Lakers have played in the bubble; they lost Game 1, and oh boy, were the LeBron haters loud. Damian Lillard and Westbrook were feeling themselves after winning Game 1.

They must’ve thought the Lakers are trash or LeBron is done. Yeah, well, how did that turn out for both you?

The LeBron Effect

Lillard didn’t even bother to stick around for Game 5 against the Lakers; he jumped on the first plane back to Portland. Westbrook shot his team right out of the series. Feels like fans have seen that movie quite a few times. Harden is missing CP3 a little more right now, I’d say.

That’s the LeBron effect: getting all your hopes and dreams smashed by the King. Must be demoralizing. Especially after the whole sports world said, you had a shot. That’s the problem the Blazers never had a chance, and the Rockets never had a shot. LeBron can lose Game 1 of any series and go right back to dominating.

LeBron’s already buried one team after losing Game 1, and he’ll throw on the last few scoops of dirt on the Rockets Saturday night. When will the critics get tired of being wrong about LeBron? He wants to go out there and destroy your favorite player. LeBron and the Lakers dedicated this season to the late great Kobe Bryant, and all his critics keep throwing wood into the fire. Look, if there’s a runaway train heading for a city, you don’t give it more gas.

The King will reign again. It’s ok not to like LeBron, but after a while, you got to give credit when credit is due.