Todd Gurley
Why isn’t Sean McVay facing more heat for not using Todd Gurley? No one can figure out what’s going on (Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports)

Remember when the media torched Bill Belichick for benching Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl last year? Belichick benched a below average corner who flat out kinda stinks and the media tore Belichick to pieces. This year, the Rams lost the Super Bowl and Sean McVay barely used Todd Gurley. McVay and Gurley both claimed that he was healthy but he was rarely used. Why isn’t McVay facing that same kind of heat for not getting Todd Gurley the ball?

“We had gone in knowing that we wanted to be able to almost have kind of a shared load between he and C.J. (Anderson),” McVay said Tuesday. “So the amount of attempts that we had just rushing the ball in the last couple games was a little bit different. Specific to the game the other night, Todd gets into a little bit of a rhythm, or it would seem like when we’d have a good, positive run, then something would inevitably occur to set us back. And then when you’re not efficient on third downs, we just didn’t get a lot of attempts off. That really ended up being a big result of what ended up happening.”

We’re talking about one of the best running backs in football. Both McVay and Gurley clearly saying that Gurley was healthy. So what’s the deal? Does Sean McVay hate Todd Gurley? Probably. There’s no other explanation for it. I tend to believe that maybe Gurley cursed himself after he took a dive in the Packers and Lions game. Maybe McVay told him to score instead of taking the dive and Gurley didn’t listen? I really don’t know.

Regardless, the Rams and McVay should be facing more heat for this. How do you not use arguably the best running back in football. The Rams were 9-0 in games that Todd Gurley touched the ball 18 times. Gurley didn’t come close to touching the ball 18 times. He touched it 10 while C.J. Anderson touched it 7 and Anderson even fumbled.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what’s going on. So you mean to tell me the Rams want to split carries between the best running back in football and a guy that was cut and picked up off the street. I’m not buying it. Did something happen in the locker room? Did he do something off the field? I need to know. Regardless, if the Patriots did this, we would never hear the end of it.

Sean McVay doesn’t deserve all the blame for the Super Bowl loss. Jared Goff deserves most of it. The guy just flat out sucks. However, McVay and the Rams need to answer what’s going on with Todd Gurley. It’s a huge question for fantasy owners and my next draft is in May so I need answers.