2020 NFL Draft
We saw good Jake Fromm in the Sugar Bowl against Baylor. How does that affect his 2020 NFL Draft stock? More notes from the game inside the post. (Chuck Cook/USA Today)

The 2020 NFL Draft stock report series rolls on with an in depth look at the Sugar Bowl. Georgia took care of Baylor 26-14 in a game that never really felt close. Half the team for Georgia basically sat out and they still had way better players. Georgia just has too many good players and Baylor is a culture and coaching story. The talent took over and the Bears never really had a shot. Let’s take a closer look at the Sugar Bowl and how it impacts the 2020 NFL Draft.

*George Pickens can be our little secret. SHHH; don’t tell anybody.

Jake Fromm was actually good in this one. 20/30 for 250 yards and two touchdowns. I’ll take that from Fromm. This is the Jake Fromm I want to see more. I thought his feet were much better in this one compared to other showings. His arm strength is always going to be a problem. It’s not Ryan Finley water pistol bad, but it’s not great. Just go back to school, Jake. I don’t see how you take him higher than the 4th round after what we saw this year. However, Fromm was good in this one.

He made a terrific over the shoulder throw here. Best throw of the night.

Georgia doesn’t really have a star on defense. Mostly solid B type of players. Richard LeCounte did have two interceptions and is absolutely a draftable safety. Ok, moving on.

I thought Denzel Mimms got exposed in this one. He’s got some size and speed elements but I’m not sure he can do much else. Don’t look at the box score. 5 receptions for 75 yards and a score, but Georgia pretty much had the game wrapped up early. I thought Eric Stokes really beat him up all night. Mimms might end up being a Kendall Wright type of guy that is kinda just a dude.